10-Minute Muay Thai Kick Workout For Heavy Bag


By Evan Lee

Aside from working on your basic combinations, it is also important to work on certain areas specifically during your punching workouts, kicking workouts, and so on.

Today we will be covering kicks specifically, which may not be fun if you like punching, but it should be. Kicks and punches have a synergy like no other. Just think of all the great Dutch fighters, like Rob Kaman, Ernesto Hoost, Ramon Dekkers, etc. They all mix their kicks and punches incredibly well together. They use kicks to open opportunities for punches and punches to open up opportunities for kicks.

Let’s look at Ernesto Hoost for example. He made the 1-2 and liver shot to low kick synonymous with the Dutch style. By forcing his opponents to commit their weight in order to defend against Hoost’s punches, they were unable to pick up their legs to check kicks. Likewise, when your leg is being kicked out from under you, you hardly...

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The Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags For Home


By Matt Filart

With a pandemic forcing most if not all gyms to close,  Muay Thai heavy bag sales have gone through the roof. If you didn't have a heavy bag before, chances are you're looking into it now!

Thankfully, there are a ton to choose from. The different lengths, weights, brands, styles, how much you workout, and how easy it is to set up are all important things to consider when you are looking to buy a heavy bag. You might want the same bag that you have at your gym; you may want a heavier bag to practice your power on; you may want a bag that’s harder so you can condition your shins.  

To help you on your heavy bag buying journey, we’ve complied a list of five different heavy bags that are top of the line.

This article is only going to be talking about the standard type of heavy bag, so no double-end or uppercut bags here. Also, these heavy bags will all be prefilled....

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13 Best Ways To Make Use Of Your Heavy Bag


By Evan Lee

The heavy bag is the most common and useful pieces of equipment you can find, yet it is one of the most misunderstood. 

If you’re new to the sport of Muay Thai and to striking sports in general, you will probably not understand the true potential of the heavy bag. Most of us see someone working the heavy bag and think you’re just supposed to hit it and no more. It’s just something to take our days frustrations out on. That is not the case. 

Sure, boards don’t hit back, bags don’t hit back, and the list goes on. But we’re going to pretend like it does. That is what the heavy bag is: it’s the opponent.

If you watch professional boxers work the heavy bag, they don’t just stand in one position and start slinging hooks. They work combos, they move in and out, they move side to side, they pivot. They treat the bag as if it were an opponent. If you...

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How To: Middle-Aged Muay Thai


By Randy Pilares

You just found out about Muay Thai.

In your eyes, it seems like the coolest and most exciting martial art that you’ve ever seen.

The many techniques involved, the power in the strikes, the balance in the fighter’s movements... All of that appeals to you and makes you want to start training right NOW

There’s one problem though: you are well over 40 years-old and therefore "too old" to start training.

Or are you? Is there really such a thing as being too old to start training Muay Thai? 

Age Is Just A Number - Even For Muay Thai

Sure, you’ve often heard of the saying that "age is just a number." That age should not limit you from pursuing your interests, whatever they may be.

That’s what you think when debating with yourself to take the plunge or not.

But Muay Thai is a combat sport, after all. Does the saying still apply to a martial art that is also...

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Why You've GOTTA Train In Thailand!


By Sean Fagan

If you have never trained in Thailand before, you MUST! Training in Thailand will be one of the best experiences of your life. And you will improve faster than you ever have before! 

I mean, Muay Thai is the birthplace and national sport of Thailand. What else would you expect, right? Most of the greatest fighters in Muay Thai all come from Thailand. Saenchai, Dieselnoi, Buakaw, Samart, etc. That tells you everything you need to know. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to train with the best. And the best are in Thailand! 

But in order to get the best of Thailand in terms of training and fights if you want them, you need to prepare some. There are many mistakes you want to avoid, but there’s also lots of acclimating you must do in your training. 

With that said, let’s get into it! In this episode, you will learn: 

    • The difference between training in Thailand and elsewhere;
    • The...
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By Evan Lee 

Sparring is the most important thing you can do to improve your fighting abilities. It is the closest thing to fighting itself and can be done safely if you follow the right rules and guidelines. 

Sparring is where everything you’ve done comes to the test. It will tell you what you’ve done well in training and what you must improve on. This will inform what your future training sessions and overall training focus should look like. 

However, when you are just beginning in the sport of Muay Thai and any combat sport in general, it can be very easy to get flustered and accidentally fight a bit too hard and aggressively. This is a quick way to get injured and lose every single sparring partner you have. You don’t want to be one of those dudes. 

Luckily, we are here to save the day. Sparring done poorly is terrible for you, but sparring done properly is the best possible thing you can...

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10 Muay Thai Shadowboxing Drills for Beginners


By Evan Lee

Beginners may be confused by shadowboxing and not understand the purpose of it. I’m here to change that. 

Shadowboxing is used often at the beginning of a training session. It is a fantastic way to get the body warmed up and ready for the training to come.

Furthermore, it is also a way to get your mind warmed up. In fighting and in sports in general, your mental preparations and skills are just as important as your physical ones. If you’re not mentally focused, you will not be able to play to your physical capabilities. Think about athletes who choke when the pressure’s on. Failing to do something they’ve drilled a million times before because they lose focus. Shadowboxing is an opportunity for you to think about and focus on the training that you have ahead and to build focus itself. 

But shadowboxing isn’t just a great mental and physical warm...

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100 Kicks For 100 Days Challenge (Quarantine Edition)


By Sean Fagan

Quarantine sucks. The gyms are closed, you can’t meet up with your training partners, you’ve got no one to spar with, and everything just sucks

BUT! It does not have to be this way. Even if you’re stuck in self-isolation and you have no gym or anything at all to train with, you still have your body, your mind, and your creativity! And that’s all you need to keep improving. 

To show you that you can still keep improving your Muay Thai skills while in self-isolation, I'm launching a brand-new challenge:

"100 Kicks For 100 Days"

Not only is it a way for you to improve your Muay Thai skills, it's also FUN! And that’s something we all need right now. I want you to have fun and prove to yourself that you don’t have to come out of self-isolation worse off than you were before. I believe that you can come out an even better and stronger person!

Remember: tough times shape tough people. How are you...

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15 Minute KILLER Home Workout For Fighters (Body Weight, HIIT & Shadowboxing)


By Evan Lee

We’re all locked in quarantine right now. It sucks to not be able to get into the gym and train. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep improving our Muay Thai skills! We won’t let this virus get us down and keep us from getting after it. No equipment needed for this workout. 

Before we get into it, let me break down the benefits of body weight training first. Body weight training is a fantastic form of training whether it’s for building strength, power, or endurance. Plus, it is also incredibly effective to build an aesthetic body. Just think about gymnasts. Gymnasts are insanely strong, insanely powerful, and look like they’re all carved out of marble, and all they use is their body weight. 

It is also difficult to get injured or overtrain when you’re using your body weight. You don’t have to worry about losing tightness only to have a heavy barbell drop on...

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The Muay Thai Guys Are BACK AGAIN!


By Sean Fagan

Times are wild right now. For example, they're getting SO crazy that all types of animals are coming out and flooding out into the open. If you’ve seen that video of all the monkeys running out onto the road because there’s no tourists to feed them, you know what I’m talking about. 

But even with all that craziness, Paul and I are here to try and help you find a silver lining and find a way to make sure that you’re still progressing towards your goals despite what’s happening. Times are tough, but you can be tougher! 

If you can take advantage of this horrible situation and turn it into a positive, just think about all the problems in the future that you’ll be able to turn into a positive! If you can deal with this, you can deal with the rest.

With that being said, I hope that Paul and I are able to give you some good advice that you can apply to your life and help keep you strong...

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