5 Tips For Your First Muay Thai Fight

How To Be Prepared For Your First Thai Boxing Fight

You’re nervous as hell.

You feel like throwing up.

You start doubting why you decided to step into the ring against someone who is trying to kill you.

You can’t get your mind off the fight.

I get it. I’ve been there. We all have! Every Muay Thai fighter goes through relatively the same process when they first step into the ring.

Doubt. Fear. Anxiety. Excitement. Adrenaline.

It’s all a part of the process. Learning how to control these emotions is key to winning your first Muay Thai fight. The first step is knowing what to expect and how to deal with the inevitable emotions and situations that are going to pop up. Follow these tips for your first  fight to be as prepared as possible once you step into that ring!

Best 5 Tips For Your First Muay Thai Fight

#1. Understand Your Opponent Is Human Too

Very rarely during my first few fights did I ever consider how my opponent was feeling leading up to...

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6 Truths About Muay Thai Weight Lifting

Weightlifting can improve your Muay Thai skills, not detract from them. Here are some truths you ought to believe about lifting & Muay Thai. . .


Traditionally speaking, people that train Muay Thai (some fighters in particular) shy away from weight lifting. A very common mindset and training approach is that a few sets of calisthenics is sufficient for strength development.

In the modern age, however, some pushups and pull-ups are not going to cut it. Proper strength training done in a smart and focused way will only serve to improve overall fitness and your fight game. If you want to get serious about lifting for your Muay Thai game, then you need to accept the following six points as true.

#1: Lifting Won’t Make You Any Slower

Believe it or not, weight lifting will not make you bulky and slow if you do it properly. However, a high calorie diet and lifting like a bodybuilder can make you add...

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The Muay Thai “Grunt” – Benefits of Kicking & Screaming

The Benefits of Making Weird Sounds When You Punch And Kick Shit

buakaw kneeing pad training



Sound familiar?

If you’ve been in a Muay Thai gym long enough, you’ll hear a variety of these sounds throughout your training sessions.

When I first trained Muay Thai in Thailand, one of the most noticeable differences between the common farang and the experienced Thai fighter was the fact that every single fighter who hit the heavy bag or banged the pads would make some kind of weird ass sound every time they threw a strike.

You’ve noticed this too, right?

Even if you train at a western gym, there’s always that one guy who hits the bag and makes awkward high-pitched screams every time he throws a kick… now why would anyone ever do that?

At first, I thought that grunting during training was super annoying and weird. I guess it’s similar to the way...

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Comparing Kickboxing vs. Muay Thai

They Seem Same-Same But Are Very Different

By Angela Chang

With both kickboxing (K1 rules) and Muay Thai growing simultaneously around the world, fans of one sport are often fans of the other.

With many Muay Thai fighters successfully making the transition over to kickboxing (such as Sitthichai, Petchpanomrung, Tiffany van Soest, and many more), it’s easy to think they are the same.

While there are many similarities between the two, there are a few things that set Muay Thai apart from kickboxing.

1. Kicks to Punches Ratio

muay thai checked blocked kick

When you watch a professional Muay Thai fight, punches are usually only used to set up kicks and knees. Less commonly, some Muay Thai fighters will have the Muay Maat style and attempt to knock out their opponents with punches instead fighting to win on points.

However, you will see much much more punches being thrown in a kickboxing fight, often in long combinations or with the “haymaker” style of...

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Solo Training For Muay Thai

 Everything You Need To Know About How To Train Muay Thai On Your Own

“You can’t wait around for someone else to show up: that’s where you have to make the work happen yourself.

There will come a time when you show up to the gym and realize that you’re all alone. Or perhaps you’re unable to make it to the gym, but you still need to get in some practice time. Whatever the reason, you find yourself without a partner to train with.

My dear Muay Thai friend – it seems the time has come when you must take your training into your own hands!

So what do you do? If you’re like many people, you’ll mess around for a few minutes, maybe tossing some half-assed strikes at the bag. Then you leave. I don’t know about you, but I find that to be a disappointing waste of time.

I’m sure you’ve heard the cliche fitness advice designed to motivate people who struggle to workout. It typically goes something like this:


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5 Unwritten Rules Of Muay Thai Sparring

Sparring is a must for Muay Thai, to sharpen skills and hone your craft. Follow these rules to keep you & your partner safe and progressing. . .


The bell rings and you touch gloves. Not much is usually exchanged during a round or even between rounds, at least not verbally. Physically, it’s a different story.

Sparring is a part of training and everyone who’s trained for at least a bit should be doing it. For those new to Muay Thai or combat sports in general, though, it’s important to know that there are some common ground rules when it comes to sparring – no matter where you are or who you’re up against.

SPARRING RULE #1: Big gloves are a must.

Perfect for sparring are gloves in the 14-18 ounce range. They have more padding in them so that even if you go hard, it softens the blow a bit. Wearing big gloves promotes a safe environment in which everyone can participate.

Lighter gloves are meant for hitting...

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Muay Thai Tattoos and Meanings

Sak Yant Thai Tattoos Designs Meanings, Spiritual and Supernatural Powers

Ever wonder what the sak yant muay thai tattoos mean?

The meanings and spiritual powers of sak yant thai tattoos like the 5 lines, the tiger and hanuman are meant to give muay thai fighters protection, good luck, success, and other desirable attributes.

All sak yant muay thai tattoos are traditionally done by practicing Buddhist monks with bamboo needles. Using single bamboo needles takes much longer and is more painful than newer tattoo guns they use in most shops.

It’s bad luck if you get a sak yant thai tattoo done by someone who is not a Buddhist monk and doesn’t use a bamboo stick. Plus the bearer of the fake sak yant won’t be blessed with the supernatural or sacred powers it supposedly possesses. To get the full spiritual effect of any of muay thai tattoo you must get it done the right way.

Sak Yant Muay Thai Tattoos and Meanings

Top 5 Most Popular Sak Yant Tattoos For Muay...

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6 Shin Conditioning Tips for Muay Thai

Top 6 Muay Thai Shin Conditioning Tips and Methods For Rock-Hard Shins

muay thai shin conditioning tips

We’ve all heard the shin conditioning methods of kicking metal poles or using a rolling pin to beat your shins to a bloody pulp, but before you go out and shatter your tibia, you might want to consider other options when it comes to hardening your shins.

My goal here is to just keep it real. 

I know that you want rock hard shins that can kick throw baseball bats after a couple days of training, but that’s just NOT gonna happen.

The Muay Thai shin conditioning tips and methods below aren’t anything special or super hardcore, but they are definitely the best and most effective ways to turn your shins into bricks (not to mention, they are also safer than trying to kick down a redwood tree).

1. Be Patient, Persistent and Resilient

I know what you’re thinking –

“Really Sean? Is that your #1 best tip for shin conditioning?”

Unfortunately yes, yes it is.


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Workouts For Muay Thai

Everything You Need To Know About Muay Thai Workouts

“If you want to take your Muay Thai to the next level, it’s time to consider augmenting your workouts…

Should you be in shape before starting Muay Thai or will Muay Thai get you into shape?

While it can be helpful to already be in good shape prior to starting Muay Thai, training can also help get you into shape. The concept of working out for an already demanding physical activity may seem odd, but by adding sport specific training, you can improve your Muay Thai game and increase your physical fitness.

So if you’re wanting to take your Muay Thai to the next level, it’s time to consider augmenting your workouts (not including Muay Thai) by adding specific workouts to your training regime.

Hopefully you’re already doing pad work, drilling and sparring as part of your regular training schedule. Adding in workouts outside of your Muay Thai sessions can help improve...

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Tips To Increase Punching Power For Muay Thai

Great Exercises To Increase Punching Power!

The best tips on how to punch hard for boxing, muay thai and MMA!

Want to increase punching power?

Want to learn how to punch hard so you can land the perfect knock out punch the next time you fight?

Want to know the best tips and great exercises that are sure to help you improve your punching power?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, scroll down to find great boxing, mma and muay thai training tips and the best explosive exercises to increase punching power!

Top 5 Exercises To Punch Harder

Explosive Pushups – Plyometric exercises like explosive pushups are sure to help you increase your power punching.An explosive pushup is very similar to a regular pushup except you are pushing yourself off the ground as high as you can.To make it even more of a challenge, try doing explosive push ups like the guy to the right!

Clean and Press – This full body power lifting exercise helps increase the...

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