Are You Overthinking Your Muay Thai Training?


By Angela Chang

Beginners tend to overthink things. They can’t be blamed – they want to make the most out of their experience and want to be as prepared as possible to learn. Still, there’s nothing like overthinking something to throw a stick in your own spokes and stop you dead in your tracks.

The motivation to learn and become better is great, but the fallacies that come with it can ultimately make beginners their own worst enemy. Here are some of the most common questions beginners tend to overanalyze far too often.

OVERTHINKING IT: How do I do this perfectly?

Some nak muays get so caught up in trying to do something perfectly. Waiting to do something perfectly is not ideal. Many fail to realize that trying to do it, no matter how wrong or “imperfect,” is better than not doing it at all!

People are afraid to “fail” and that itself is a major setback....

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What The Thais Know About Sparring


By Andrew Bryan

Recently, kickboxer “Bazooka” Joe Valtellini and former boxer Paulie Malignaggi got into a spat on Twitter over whether hard or light sparring is the way to go. Joe’s argument was that hard sparring leads to unnecessary brain trauma going into a fight and it’s part of the reason why he had to retire quite young.

Paulie’s counter argument basically amounted to: “Don’t be a pussy.”

It’s a debate that will never really have a clear concrete answer, largely in part because we simply don’t have enough research into brain trauma, especially in regards to Muay Thai fighters, and partly because there are inherent benefits to both.

Sparring The Thai Way

The common argument in favor of sparring light, in the same way that professional fighters in Thailand do, is that less brain trauma sparring means more potential...

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7 Tips On Eating For Optimal Muay Thai Output

Here are a collection of tips demonstrating how to properly fuel and keep running your Muay Thai machine on a steady diet of clean, productive nutrition. . .


Practicing your Muay Thai technique is only half the job done. If you really want to optimize your strength, you need the right diet.  Mind you, “diet” here does not mean going on some sort of temporary health regimen to lose weight. Here, it means bringing about solid lifestyle changes that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Training and practicing Muay Thai demands a lifelong dedication, which means what you eat is directly correlated with how your skills develop. Read on to know all about what sort of nutrition you should be following for effective training:

#1: Don’t Diet, Eat Clean

The most important thing to remember is that if you want to really dedicate yourself to Muay Thai, you need to treat it as an...

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Muay Thai Bodyweight Strength Workout

Body Weight Circuit to Build Full-Body Strength

Body weight training is the best measure of your pound-for-pound strength.

Georges St. Pierre, one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, uses Olympic weightlifting, track and field, and gymnastics to prepare for his fights.

St. Pierre and his legendary coach Firas Zihabi both believe that gymnasts are the strongest and best athletes in the world. And what weights do gymnasts use? Their bodies.

Today, Sean Fagan will show you a body weight workout designed to build full-body strength, just like a gymnast. And because you are only using your body weight, the difficulty of the exercises determines your pound-for-pound strength. The easier the exercise, the stronger you are, pound for pound. Now, let’s build that strength.


Perform each exercise pair in back-to-back sets.

Set #1

  • 5 x 5 one-arm push-ups (or wide grip)
  • 10-second break
  • 5 x 5 fast, half-ROM explosive push-ups

Set #2

  • 5 x 5 assisted one-arm pull-ups
  • ...
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How To Train Muay Thai With A Full-Time Job

THE 9-5: Blending Career & Fighting  

Individuals who train fall into three main categories: hobbyists, infrequent fliers, and fighters. But somewhere in there is a thin slice representing a less well known type: the 9-5er, who at 5 PM walks out the door, transitioning promptly from battling traffic to engaging in hand-to-hand combat inside a gym somewhere.

These folks are an anomaly when it comes to fighting and training; they’re the people with careers who take their evening activities to the next level. There’s a reason why you don’t meet a lot of these people: it’s incredibly demanding. A rigid schedule with limited time to train whenever you want makes it difficult to stay competitive.

Difficult, but not impossible. If you feel like you’re burning the wick at both ends between your professional and fighting careers, I have my experience to demonstrate for you just how it can be accomplished.

I Didn’t Quit My...

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How Do I Know If My Muay Thai Trainer Is Any Good?

High-quality Muay Thai trainers are rarer than you think. That’s hard to believe given how many gyms purport themselves to have one of their staff. These are five benchmarks to hold your coach or trainer to every single time. . . 


With more and more gyms popping up everywhere, especially the ones that call themselves “Muay Thai trainers,” it can be difficult to tell who’s legit and who’s not.

By “legit,” I mean who actually qualifies to be a trainer. A number of things will qualify you to do anything at a particularly high level: your experience, your skills, your resume (i.e. what you’ve accomplished).

“You haven’t fought professionally? You’ve only been doing this a couple of years? You trained under your hairdresser??” These aren’t necessarily dealbreakers, but they are big red flags.

Are you unsure about your coach or trainer?...

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How To Get a Sak Yant Tattoo In Thailand

Sak yant tattooing is an ancient and respected tradition in Thai culture. Being honored with sak yant is highly desired in the Muay Thai community. This is a guide to getting sak yant in Thailand. . . 



Sak yant are traditional Thai tattoos. Literally meaning “tattoo yantra,” they are believed to be magical and give the bearer protection, strength, good fortune and more, depending on the yantra received.

Sak yant is extremely popular in the Muay Thai community, namely with those who have visited Thailand. With geometric shapes and depictions of animals and gods, sak yant is as beautiful as it is painful to receive.

Who does sak yant?

Sak yant are done by monks or arjans who have studied the art for a very long time. (They are also usually longtime ex-monks.) Monks are not...

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7 Muay Thai Strength And Conditioning Mistakes

Common Mistakes in Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning 

The combination of Muay Thai and strength and conditioning is now not only accepted, but actively sought by many competitive fighters and recreational Thai boxers alike. This is great news. When I first started my website over 5-years ago, my emphasis was on why Thai boxers should be using strength and conditioning.

Now I enjoy explaining how you do this rather than justifying why – and that’s where things get exciting.

The enthusiasm the Muay Thai community now has for supplemental training has also led to some misconceptions. And in this article I’ll highlight some of these so you can either steer-clear, or confirm you’re on the right track!

#1) Making resistance sessions look like Thai boxing sessions

muay thai resistance band trainingI get it. You love Muay Thai – I do too. But that doesn’t mean that allyour training sessions need to look like Muay Thai. In fact, you’ll run into...

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24/7: Muay Thai & Your Work Week

It’s Possible To Train Muay Thai And Work A 9-5

There may be some of you who are living your dream of training and fighting Muay Thai full-time but for most nak muay, the journey in the art of eight limbs has to contend with another pressing, everyday struggle: the day job.

Some of us have engaging careers that we’re very passionate about and want to continue alongside our training. Others have dreams of fighting and coaching full-time but still need the day job to pay the bills until that dream can become a reality.

Either way, juggling a full-time job and the stressors of rigorous training can take their toll on the body and mind.

Juggling It All

While it’s no small feat, managing both a vocational career and a fight career can be done.

Just ask Ognjen Topic: in the earlier days of his fight career (circa 2013), Topic was not only competing professionally at a very high level, but also maintaining his nine-to-five graphic design job....

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5 Agility Ladder Drills For Muay Thai

Improving Your Muay Thai Footwork With Tiffany Van Soest

Footwork is a skill, and like all skills needs to be drilled into you.

Your ability to move your feet becomes your ability to fight. However, it’s not just about bouncing around like Ali. It’s about being able to pivot out of a dangerous position in an instant as someone like Giorgio Petrosyan or Jose Aldo does so often.

These drills aren’t inspired by the workouts of great fighters, they’re straight up taught by great fighters like Tiffany van Soest.

The agility ladder trains both your balance, endurance, and explosiveness. Your ability to step into angles with strong posture will be developed, your ability to fight while moving backward will be strengthened, and your bursts of explosion that help you close the distance instantly and get KOs will be boosted.

Having poor footwork is like having a car without wheels, so try out these drills and get lightning legs.

5 Agility Ladder Drills...

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