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If I were to start my Muay Thai journey all over again I would focus on a perfecting The Fundamentals. This seems obvious but often goes overlooked. Make sure you're focusing on learning perfect technique when you're starting to learn.

Here are some useful articles:

Also, it may help to know the 13 Rules for Proper Muay Thai Gym Etiquette. And if you want to train and NOT fight, then this article is a worthwhile read: TRAINING But Not Fighting

Lastly, I'd highly recommend signing up for my free Muay Thai Masterclass because it covers KEY concepts and training methods that will be crucial for getting fast results.

No need to worry! There is plenty you can do without a gym or coach. Here's some useful articles to help you:

If you want a complete done-for-you program, then I highly recommend checking out my course The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0.

You should also subscribe to my Youtube channel ;)

Training in Thailand is AWESOME and pretty intense. If you're serious about training in Thailand, then I definitely recommend checking out my eBook, "Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand" because it answers ALL the questions.

Other than that, here's some useful articles and videos that might help:

If you want to travel to Thailand and train with me at one of the training camps I host, then be sure to check out for upcoming camp dates and locations!

To answer it quickly:

You kick stuff... A LOT.

These articles shine a light on what shin conditioning really takes:

You'll want to grab this 10-Minute Power Kicking Workout that includes methods on how to heal your shins AND a high kick flexibility routine.

Yes you should be running. I typically run about 5k every day. That wasn't always the case though (I used to HATE running).

Here are some thoughts on running and roadwork:

Stretch mudda fucka!

No but seriously, stretching is key. In fact, in the 10-Minute Kicking Routine I created I've included a high kick stretching routine as well (which you should check out)

Other than that, check these posts out:

Hell no!

Well, you're at least not too old to TRAIN. When it comes to fighting it's dependent on your physical health condition, but I know people who still compete into their 60's!

For some more thoughts on this matter, check these out:

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Who Is "The Muay Thai Guy"

What’s up! Sean Fagan here, otherwise known as The Muay Thai Guy.

It’s crazy to me that it was only six years ago when I first started the Muay Thai Guy blog. Initially it was just a way for me to share my Muay Thai journey with my family and friends. Since then, though, it’s grown into the largest online Muay Thai community and #1 training resource for nak muay of all levels.

My mission is to not only provide you with the tools, resources and inspiration to accomplish your Muay Thai dreams, but I also want to grow this beautiful sport so that it can change the lives of others just like it changed mine.

Muay Thai is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life. If you’re addicted to the Art of Eight Limbs like I am, then follow my journey while you create your own!



Immerse yourself into your love for Muay Thai by checking out the hundreds of in-depth blog posts written by Sean and other MTG contributors! 



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Listen in as pro fighters Sean Fagan and Paul Banasiak discuss various topics inside the world of Muay Thai including fight tips, training in Thailand and more!



Transform your Muay Thai training with structured online programs such as The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0, Sparring School, Boxing For Muay Thai and many more!



Travel and train Muay Thai in tropical paradise! If you want to take a vacation where you come home in BETTER shape than when you left, then these experiences were made for you. 


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