Post-Workout Stretching Routine For Muay Thai

My 15-Minute Post-Training Stretching Routine

Stretching is a crucial aspect of Muay Thai training that many people overlook. Without any type of flexibility, it can be very difficult to perform head kicks (and even body kicks sometimes too). Not to mention, lack of flexibility can also cause serious issues in the body including lower back pain and knee problems.

With that being said, here is the post-workout stretching routine that I do after almost every one of my training sessions. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

15-Minute Stretching Routine For Muay Thai

Like I mention in the video, although stretching is important, it’s still only 1 of 9 aspects of flexibility. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty naive when it comes to flexibility and although I’ve been doing yoga for 3+ years and stretching routinely, I still haven’t even come close to getting the results I want.

muay thai stretching programIt wasn’t until recently an online buddy of mine, Eric Wong (who also happens to have a degree in Kinesiology and has trained UFC fighters) pointed out the importance of working the other aspects of flexibility such as the joint capsules, joint stabilizers, core development and others. So basically, I’ve had a solid stretching program, but I haven;t had a complete flexibility program… until now.

I know, that’s a super corny segway, but I’m seriously super pumped to try out Eric’s proven program called The Hip Flexibility Solution to help with my tight hips and hamstrings.

Although I’m only about a week in, I have noticed my hips aren’t nearly as tight already! So, if you want to give this program a try with me, just click here or on the image to find out more info.

Also, I will make sure to share any results that I get while following this program, so if you decide to wait to get it, I’m confident that my results will prove that this flexibility program is the real deal.

And just to be completely transparent, you should know that I do make a small percentage of the sale if you end up buying the program. However, I wouldn’t recommend a product I didn’t believe in or I didn’t try… and The Hip Flexibility Solution is something I truly believe in and I am following myself!

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