How to Make Your Own Muay Thai Heavy Bag at Home


By Randy Pilares

Every Muay Thai enthusiast has thought, even for a second or two, about rigging up their own Muay Thai heavy bag at home. It's cheaper than buying one and will fill the user with a sense of pride and confidence.

And to be clear, we're not talking about buying a pre-made bag from a reliable heavy bag manufacturer or anything like that. No, no, no. We will be making a heavy bag ourselves - from scratch.

Whether you make a standing heavy bag or a more common hanging one, the key is that you will make it on your own.

Yes, make your own Muay Thai heavy bag and train to your heart’s content!

Making Your Own Muay Thai Heavy Bag At Home

To start the process of making your own Muay Thai heavy bag at home, you will need to prepare the right materials:

  • Duffel Bag
  • Pillows
  • Duct Tape
  • Hanging Hook
  • Ropes
  • Sand or Sawdust (optional)

After you have gathered all of the necessary materials, you can start making your own Muay Thai heavy bag.

Make sure to follow these steps so you will end up up with a tough, reliable heavy bag.

Step 1: You Need to Turn the Duffel Inside Out

Start by turning the duffel bag inside out. Check the bag carefully and see if the seams were properly welted. Do this as thoroughly as possible. Just to make sure that the bag has no weak spots.

Step 2: Fill the Bag

Up next is filling your heavy bag. You can use pillows, rags or any type of clothing for the purpose. Others might choose to use sand to fill the pillows before placing them in the heavy bag.

Use duct tape to close the pillowcases securely. When placing the contents of the heavy bag, make sure they are densely packed. To fully compress the pillows, you can stamp on them. Keep on filling your heavy bag until you are only one foot away from its top.

Step 3: Tie a Rope at One End

Even out the pillows by shaking the heavy bag from side to side. After doing this, close the heavy bag and then tie the rope around it tightly.

Remember to loop the rope around the heavy bag around three or four times before securing it with a knot. Leave a part of the rope hanging to help you hang the heavy bag. 

Step 4: Wrap the Heavy Bag

Wrap the heavy bag using the duct tape. Be sure to do it horizontally. The contents of the bag should not be visible. To ensure this, the duct tape should be wrapped in such a way that its loops are overlapping one another.

Do this until the entire bag is fully covered, from the top, to the middle, and all the way to the bottom.

Step 5: Hang Your Heavy Bag Using the End Ropes

Use the ends of the rope to attach your Muay Thai heavy bag to the hanging hook. But you can also hang it to any other surface of your choice. If you want it to be more secure and stable in one place, you have plenty of options as far as anchors are concerned. 

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 What To Fill Your Muay Thai Heavy Bag With

This process describes one of the simplest ways to make your own Muay Thai heavy bag. But if you want a more hardcore training regimen then you might want to fill your bag with different materials. Muay Thai practitioners might find the pillowcases used above to be too soft to their liking.

#1: Sawdust

You can use sawdust as filling for your homemade Muay Thai heavy bag. Sawdust is produced when the wood is cut. These are very fine wood particles that are similar in size to sand particles.

Sawdust are among the best fillings that you can place inside your heavy bag because the resulting bag is stiff and hard.

#2: Clothes and Rags

Rags and clothes are also excellent fillings for your home-made heavy bag. They are able to fill your bag fully. Plus, they are heavy enough to make the heavy bag stable and easier to use.

The great thing about using clothes and rags is that they are more readily available than other materials.

#3: Sand

Sand is what most people usually expect bags to be filled with. It's ideal for use in a heavy bag because of how solid and dense its particles are. The fist and the fingers are not hurt or injured when punching. 

Best of all, sand has a special capability that makes it perfect for a heavy bag. It also has the ability to replicate the density of human skin. This makes it the perfect way to prepare for an actual fight.

Now that you have just created your own Muay Thai heavy bag, what are you waiting for?? It’s time to start striking!

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