3 Killer Heavy Bag Workouts


By Matt Filart

With gyms across the world closed due to COVID-19, us nak muays need to be a bit creative and figure out how to make killer heavy bag workouts make sense at home.

A lot of us, including myself, having been looking into purchasing our own heavy bags. If you have or are going to have your own heavy bag, you might not know where to start - do you just hit it, or go a few rounds on it, or can you do more?

If you need some workouts to do own your own heavy bag, don’t worry - we've got you covered with workouts and drills you can get started with.

If you don’t have a bag and are in the market for one, check out reliable heavy bag vendors, especially ones recommended by your favorite Muay Thai Guy!

With that being said, let’s cover 4 different workouts that you can do solo on a heavy bag! These workouts will help you hone your technique, conditioning and mental strength so you can push through 'em!

#1: 10-Minute Heavy Bag Workout

This is a short and sweet workout for those of you who may be working from home or have family to take are of; this way, you won’t have to spend much time away from them. 

This workout focuses on kicks and it’s pretty straightforward. Every minute, you do one kicking technique for a minute straight and then go onto the next one for another minute.

Every three techniques, you get a thirty-second break. There are 9 total techniques that you’re going to do for a minute each, plus two 30-second breaks - a total of 10 minutes (that can repeated and chained together for as long of a workout as you please).

If you want to add a little bit more challenge to this workout, you can switch the targets that you are aiming for, constantly changing them, or you can focus on working a specific target, like high kicks.

Try to push yourself, but always make sure you are using proper technique as that should always come first.

10 Minute Muay Thai Kick Workout For Heavy Bag

#2: 20-Minute Heavy Bag Workout 

This workout has a similar style to the last one... with a few differences. First, it’s longer, so if you have a lot of time on your hands, like most of us do right now, this one might work a bit better for you than the last one.

This workout also incorporates a lot more combinations and punches, so you get to work your hands as well.

This workout consists of 5 rounds:

Round 1: Jabs and Teeps - Jab, Roundhouse - Cross, Switch Kick
Round 2: Left Side Strikes - Right Side Strikes - Boxing Only
Round 3: Alternating Teeps - Jab, Roundhouse, Cross, Switch Kick - Combo Finish w/Check and Kick
Round 4: Jab, Lead Elbow/Jab, Rear Elbow - Balancing Left Teep Drill - Balancing Right Teep Drill
Round 5: Power Right Roundhouse - Power Left Roundhouse - Repeat

You're going to do each combination of each round for a minute; then, once you complete the round, you get a 45-second break between each one. Use the first round as a warm-up. Don’t slack but ease into it; you have a long way to go from there!

You also don’t have to be very strict with these combos; you can add a double jab instead of just one, for example.

Once again focus on technique - it is king!

Ultimate 20-Minute Heavy Bag Workout For Muay Thai

#3: 10 Minute Follow Along Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workout

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