Workouts For Muay Thai


By Andrew Bryan

Should you be in shape before starting Muay Thai... or will Muay Thai get you into shape?

While it can be helpful to already be in good shape prior to starting Muay Thai, training can also help get you into shape. The concept of working out for an already demanding physical activity may seem odd, but by adding sport specific training, you can improve your Muay Thai game and increase your physical fitness.

So if you’re wanting to take your Muay Thai to the next level, it’s time to consider augmenting your workouts (not including Muay Thai) by adding specific workouts to your training regime.

Hopefully you’re already doing pad work, drilling and sparring as part of your regular training schedule. Adding in workouts outside of your Muay Thai sessions can help improve your Muay Thai, make you fitter, get you ready for a fight, and overall make you more of a badass.

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Best Kettlebell Exercises For Muay Thai, MMA and All Combat Sports!

Top 5 Kettle Bell Exercises For Explosive Strength and Conditioning

Perform the best kettlebell exercises like the kettlebell clean and press, kettlebell snatch and kettlebell swing to drastically increase your power, stamina and explosive strength in your muay thai or MMA training!

I’ve been doing kettlebell training and exercises for years now and have noticed major changes in the power of my punches, kicks, knees and elbows. My core and overall strength is the best it’s been largely because I do the best kettlebell exercises and workouts for explosive strength and conditioning.

Whether your into muay thai, mma, boxing or wrestling, you will take your fight game to the next level by implementing explosive kettle bell exercises to your workout routine!

Top 5 Best Kettlebell Exercisesbest kettlebell exercises for muay thai and mma strength explosive conditioning

#1. Kettle bell high pull

I love this kettle bell exercise because not only is it an explosive movement  but it’s very similar to throwing a...
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