4-Week Muay Thai At-Home Workout Program [LOCKDOWN]


Not being able to access a gym sucks. However, that should not prevent you from still improving your Muay Thai skills.

Today, we will be going over how to improve one of the most important skills in Muay Thai and the foundation of everything: you

What you are capable of in Muay Thai is dependent on what your body is capable of. It is not just dependent on what techniques you know, though there is that.

Want to be able to confuse your opponents with body kicks and head kicks? You need the flexibility to be able to do so.

Want to be able to hop around your opponents like Saenchai or Lomachenko? You need strong legs and strong balance.

Want to be able to swarm your opponents and completely overwhelm them with an unending volume of strikes from the opening bell to the final horn? You need to work on your cardio

It is easy to underestimate your physical attributes and think that you’re stuck...

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3 Kettlebell Exercises For Muay Thai


In recent years, kettlebells have come into style, and it’s easy to see why. They are a pretty solid alternative to traditional dumbbells and barbells. Plus, if you are on the whole "functional fitness" train, they are a great tool.

Many people in combat sports (most notably, Joe Rogan) have been promoting the benefits of kettlebells for fighters for years at this point and it isn’t without merit.

Kettlebells provide the user with tons of options for different workouts and a unique challenge that you can’t get from other weights. The extra nice thing about them is that if you are in the market for getting your own weights, you only need one, maybe two kettlebells. Fifteen to thirty-five pounds is usually enough for anyone depending on your weight.

While one or two kettlebells probably isn’t going to replace an entire weight set like some people would claim, there are some exercises that you...

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3 Unorthodox Training Tools For Muay Thai


We’ve been talking all about different pieces of equipment that you can add to your home gym. We’ve talked about heavy bags, free standing bags and more specialized bags that any nak muay can get a ton of training out of from the comfort of their own home. 

But sometimes these pieces of equipment can be expensive, and you might not be able to set them up where you live for various reasons. You might already have some of the equipment we’ve talked about and want to spice up your training a bit. For whatever reason you might be in the market for some new training equipment for your home gym.

So, we went ahead and made a list of a few pieces of training equipment that any nak muay could use to add to their at home training. Check it out!

#1: Agility Ladder

This is a piece of training equipment that you've seen a lot of soccer players, football players and Western boxers use a lot....

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3 Killer Heavy Bag Workouts


By Matt Filart

With gyms across the world closed due to COVID-19, us nak muays need to be a bit creative and figure out how to make killer heavy bag workouts make sense at home.

A lot of us, including myself, having been looking into purchasing our own heavy bags. If you have or are going to have your own heavy bag, you might not know where to start - do you just hit it, or go a few rounds on it, or can you do more?

If you need some workouts to do own your own heavy bag, don’t worry - we've got you covered with workouts and drills you can get started with.

If you don’t have a bag and are in the market for one, check out reliable heavy bag vendors, especially ones recommended by your favorite Muay Thai Guy!

With that being said, let’s cover 4 different workouts that you can do solo on a heavy bag! These workouts will help you hone your technique, conditioning and mental strength so you can push through 'em!


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Shadow Boxing Tips for Muay Thai Beginners


By Randy Pilares

The world is suddenly at a standstill.

That’s the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently afflicting the globe. Office buildings, schools, places of worship, parks, and more are deserted as people have been asked to go on home quarantine.

The same is true for gyms everywhere. The usual hustle and bustle are suddenly missing as gyms have closed down indefinitely. Athletes, fighters, and fitness buffs have nowhere to train.

If you are a Muay Thai beginner, you are probably wondering, "Can I still train? Can I still make progress if I am on home quarantine and can’t get near my gym??"

The answer to those questions and more is a resounding - YES! Yes, you can still train without a gym, and yes, you can still make progress. Even when you are holed up inside your home and with limited equipment at your disposal.

You can make all of that happen through shadow boxing.

Why Should I Shadow Box?


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Best Kettlebell Exercises For Muay Thai, MMA and All Combat Sports!


By Sean Fagan

Perform the best kettlebell exercises like the kettlebell clean and press, kettlebell snatch and kettlebell swing to drastically increase your power, stamina and explosive strength in your Muay Thai or MMA training!

I’ve been doing kettlebell training and exercises for years now and have noticed major changes in the power of my punches, kicks, knees and elbows. My core and overall strength is the best it’s been largely because I do the best kettlebell exercises and workouts for explosive strength and conditioning.

Whether your into Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, or wrestling, you will take your fight game to the next level by implementing explosive kettle bell exercises to your workout routine!

Top 5 Best Kettlebell Exercisesbest kettlebell exercises for muay thai and mma strength explosive conditioning

#1. Kettlebell high pull

I love this kettlebell exercise because not only is it an explosive movement, but it’s very similar...
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Workouts For Muay Thai


By Andrew Bryan

Should you be in shape before starting Muay Thai... or will Muay Thai get you into shape?

While it can be helpful to already be in good shape prior to starting Muay Thai, training can also help get you into shape. The concept of working out for an already demanding physical activity may seem odd, but by adding sport specific training, you can improve your Muay Thai game and increase your physical fitness.

So if you’re wanting to take your Muay Thai to the next level, it’s time to consider augmenting your workouts (not including Muay Thai) by adding specific workouts to your training regime.

Hopefully you’re already doing pad work, drilling and sparring as part of your regular training schedule. Adding in workouts outside of your Muay Thai sessions can help improve your Muay Thai, make you fitter, get you ready for a fight, and overall make you more of a badass.

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