Best Kettlebell Exercises For Muay Thai, MMA and All Combat Sports!


By Sean Fagan

Perform the best kettlebell exercises like the kettlebell clean and press, kettlebell snatch and kettlebell swing to drastically increase your power, stamina and explosive strength in your Muay Thai or MMA training!

I’ve been doing kettlebell training and exercises for years now and have noticed major changes in the power of my punches, kicks, knees and elbows. My core and overall strength is the best it’s been largely because I do the best kettlebell exercises and workouts for explosive strength and conditioning.

Whether your into Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, or wrestling, you will take your fight game to the next level by implementing explosive kettle bell exercises to your workout routine!

Top 5 Best Kettlebell Exercisesbest kettlebell exercises for muay thai and mma strength explosive conditioning

#1. Kettlebell high pull

I love this kettlebell exercise because not only is it an explosive movement, but it’s very similar to throwing a punch!

This is the best kettlebell exercise because of explosive pushing and pulling mechanics it has. If you’re looking to improve your power in your punches or get quicker hand speed then this kettle bell exercise is a MUST.

This great kettle bell exercise also incorporates the movements of kettlebell swing which will also help you develop explosive power and endurance for Muay Thai or MMA!

#2. Kettle bell swing

When I first saw what the kettlebell swing was, I thought it wasn’t going to be that tough of an exercise and it wouldn’t do me much good for my training… man, was I wrong!

The kettlebell swing is an excellent core developer that forces you to use your entire body to perform the movement. The explosive power you’ll develop from swinging your hips, engaging your core and tightening your legs will help in nearly all aspects of your Muay Thai or MMA training.

There are different variations like the double kettlebell swings, single arm swings, alternating swings and others that will help you develop the hip strength that will help take your game up a notch!

#3. Kettlebell snatch

If you do the entire movement of the dead kettlebell snatch, there is no way you wont feel an improvement in the power of your strikes and overall conditioning!

This is one of the best kettlebell exercises because the movement pretty much engages your entire body. The kettlebell snatch starts with your legs and back muscles then goes all the way up through your hips to your shoulders.

#4. Kettle bell clean and press

This compound, full body kettlebell exercise will not only help teach you the proper mechanics of lifting something off of the ground and over your head, but it will drastically improve your explosive power.

Whether you're using the single kettlebell version or double kettlebell version with heavy weights, you’ll develop tremendous power and endurance if your perform this awesome exercise properly.

If you really want to gain explosive power and strength then I’d suggest to first learn the kettlebell clean separately before adding the kettlebell press to the equation.

#5. Turkish getup

This is another exercise that I thought would be shit and not do me any good, but after doing it numerous times I now know why this is one of the best kettlebell exercises out there!

Turkish getups are great for improving your balance, stabilization, and strengthening your core. Although it’s not much of an explosive exercise, it’s still one you should implement into your training routine because of the other benefits you get from it.

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