3 Unorthodox Training Tools For Muay Thai


We’ve been talking all about different pieces of equipment that you can add to your home gym. We’ve talked about heavy bags, free standing bags and more specialized bags that any nak muay can get a ton of training out of from the comfort of their own home. 

But sometimes these pieces of equipment can be expensive, and you might not be able to set them up where you live for various reasons. You might already have some of the equipment we’ve talked about and want to spice up your training a bit. For whatever reason you might be in the market for some new training equipment for your home gym.

So, we went ahead and made a list of a few pieces of training equipment that any nak muay could use to add to their at home training. Check it out!

#1: Agility Ladder

This is a piece of training equipment that you've seen a lot of soccer players, football players and Western boxers use a lot....

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The Best Ways To Hang A Heavy Bag At Home


By Randy Pilares

You’ve finally bought or made a heavy bag for your home workouts. Your excitement is through the roof! 

You can now train Muay Thai at home any time you want to.

Hone the basics...

Perfect your favorite combinations... 

Drill Muay Thai until you drop....

The mere presence of the heavy bag will seriously upgrade your Muay Thai training at home!

You got one slight issue before you can start enjoying all of that, though. You will need to hang the heavy bag first, and it is not as simple as it first seems.

Before you hang that beast up, there are a few things to consider:

Location, Location, Location

Once you have your heavy bag, the first thing you need to do is to find the perfect location for it. 

The location needs to be just right. A lot of things could go wrong if you happen to select the wrong spot to hang your heavy bag.

It needs to be an area that offers plenty of space for you...

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Top 10 Muay Thai Gifts For Addicted Nak Muay

The Best Ideas For Muay Thai Presents For Passionate Fans and Fighters

Muay Thai gifts are always on the top of my wish list whether it’s my birthday, Christmas and even Valentines Day ;)

There is no present you can get an avid Muay Thai fan or fighter that will be better than any of the Muay Thai present ideas on the list below!

As a professional fighter and an avid fan of the sport, I always want the newest, coolest Muay Thai training equipment, Muay Thai shorts, tickets to fights, instructional DVD's and pretty much anything related to the art of eight limbs...

... and I bet the person you’re shopping for feels the same way!

Check out the list of the top 10 best gifts to buy a Muay Thai fan or fighter for their birthday, Christmas or other special holidays and occasions!

The Best List of Top 10 Muay Thai Gifts

#10. Pay For Their Gym Membership

Help support the Muay Thai addict in your life by paying for their gym membership!

If the person you are...

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