4-Week Muay Thai At-Home Workout Program [LOCKDOWN]


Not being able to access a gym sucks. However, that should not prevent you from still improving your Muay Thai skills.

Today, we will be going over how to improve one of the most important skills in Muay Thai and the foundation of everything: you

What you are capable of in Muay Thai is dependent on what your body is capable of. It is not just dependent on what techniques you know, though there is that.

Want to be able to confuse your opponents with body kicks and head kicks? You need the flexibility to be able to do so.

Want to be able to hop around your opponents like Saenchai or Lomachenko? You need strong legs and strong balance.

Want to be able to swarm your opponents and completely overwhelm them with an unending volume of strikes from the opening bell to the final horn? You need to work on your cardio

It is easy to underestimate your physical attributes and think that you’re stuck...

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