Muay Thai Abs & Core Workouts


By Sean Fagan

Abs workouts and core conditioning for a fighter means much more than just developing a six-pack.  You must focus on training your abs to help you improve movement patterns, strength, and overall performance.

Obviously, your core is extremely important as a Muay Thai fighter. If you have a strong and stable core it will lead to more powerful kicks and punches, better footwork, more efficient clinching, and the ability to absorb more punishment.

You must understand that improving your abs and core region is much more than crunches. In fact, I’m not a big advocate of crunching but I do understand Muay Thai and combat fighters are different and some crunching exercises can be performed.

Today I am going to share two Core and Abs Finisher workout circuits that I use with my fighters at the end of our conditioning for fighters session. These are short, but intense Muay Thai abs workouts and core circuit isolation workouts that you can use to help strengthen your overall core section with the byproduct of a six pack!

Ready For Some Killer Ab Workouts?

Muay Thai and MMA fighters have arguably the most ripped, sculpted 6-pack abs of any type of athlete. Not only that, but their core training also helps them add explosive KO power to their strikes and become that much more of a BEAST in the ring or cage.

Try these short but INTENSE at-home six pack abs workouts a try and see if you can last... it was much harder than I thought it was going to be!

6-Pack Abs Workout For Fighters (Follow Along)

Intense Home Ab Workout For Fighters

This is a 10-exercise workout focusing on abs isolation movements that will target the upper, lower abs and obliques. You will perform each core exercise for 30 seconds followed by a 5 second rest one after the other.

If it’s the end of your training session then one round will be plenty, but you can also be a badass and do this workout for two rounds with a 60 seconds rest period in between.

7 Minute Intense Ab Workout For Muay Thai

If you want more abs exercises and core workouts along with a full Strength and Conditioning for Fighters program than check out The Fighters Body.

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