7 Tips On Eating For Optimal Muay Thai Output

Here are a collection of tips demonstrating how to properly fuel and keep running your Muay Thai machine on a steady diet of clean, productive nutrition. . .


Practicing your Muay Thai technique is only half the job done. If you really want to optimize your strength, you need the right diet.  Mind you, “diet” here does not mean going on some sort of temporary health regimen to lose weight. Here, it means bringing about solid lifestyle changes that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Training and practicing Muay Thai demands a lifelong dedication, which means what you eat is directly correlated with how your skills develop. Read on to know all about what sort of nutrition you should be following for effective training:

#1: Don’t Diet, Eat Clean

The most important thing to remember is that if you want to really dedicate yourself to Muay Thai, you need to treat it as an irrevocable part of your life. This means that any changes you make for it must not be for the moment, but quite long-lasting.

Holding yourself to just any old diet plan doesn’t really work. Most diet plans are goal-oriented towards weight-loss. However,studies show that Muay Thai burns up to 1000 calories an hour. This means that following a 1200 calorie diet is really not sustainable, either. Even if you are trying to get fitter for the sport, you will give up after a short while.

Instead, it is important to make vital food switches. Start by incorporating vegetables and other vitamin sources in your diet. Clean eating, which means having a lot of unprocessed food, provides greater energy during workouts and leaves your body feeling fitter.

#2: Load Up On Proteins

Muay Thai trainers are quite muscly and powerful – for good reason! The intensity of Muay Thai means that results become palpably visible. You need to work extremely hard to warm up and work out, and one particular food group is essential for this.

Proteins are the food group that helps build your muscles. By loading up on protein-rich foods, like seafood, eggs and lean beef, your body will get stronger and your Muay Thai skills will improve. Supplementing your diet with protein shakes and smoothies is also a good idea. Supplements like Best BCAA are particularly suited for people in high-intensity strength sports like Muay Thai. Make sure to drink a lot of water to support muscle-building as well.

#3: Meal Planning & Scheduled Eating

Sixty percent of training for sports is your workout, while 40% of it is eating— not just what you eat, but how you eat it. Most people tend to eat erratically, whenever they are hungry. Mealtimes, as such, are not fixed.

There are two problems with this. Your body is like a machine, which means it needs fuel at fixed intervals. By eating improperly, you can confuse your body and cause it to go on an unnecessary overdrive that depletes your energy.

Secondly, if you do not schedule your meals, you will end up eating whatever is easily available when you are hungry. This may not be a healthy option. It is important to have fixed times for meals. With this fixed schedule, you can prep in advance for meals. This will mean you will have a healthy meal option easily available, and you will be able to stick to it.

#4: Snack On Fruits & Veggies

If you are the kind of person who cannot resist the allure of sweet things, or you are prone to random snacking, it can be difficult to remove the habit. Indeed, in the world of Muay Thai, you do not need to completely avoid sweet things or snacking. However, instead of eating unhealthy instant food while snacking, make yourself some healthy snacks out of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables form an important part of any workout diet because their low-fat, and high-vitamin content is ideal for gaining energy.

Make delicious meals out of fruits and vegetables that you can eat on-the-go. This compact and delectable pesto salad pot is a great example of a snack that is both healthy and delicious. For a sweet after-meal, mix up some fruit in low-fat cold yogurt. It will taste just like a fruit ice cream—or better!

#5: Do As True Nak Muay Do: Eat Rice

A huge myth when it comes to eating right is that you must completely avoid carbohydrates. This, however, is neither possible nor desirable. For one, carbohydrates provide one with instant energy, which, for an intense workout, is extremely necessary. Plus, carbohydrates, like all food groups, are an important part of your diet.

What is important is to not have processed or unhealthy carbohydrates. Believe it or not, the most important component of all the meals traditional Muay Thai fighters have is rice. They eat rice in vast quantities because this rice provides them with the instant energy they need to fight and work out. If you are trying to be as by-the-book as possible, eat rice with a heap of vegetables and lean meats. This will help you gain good energy and benefit your strength.

#6: Avoid Processed Junk Food

Although this should go without saying, eating processed and junk food is damaging if you are a Muay Thai fighter. Each day is physically demanding, and these requirements cannot be met by unhealthy food. Plus, eating junk can cause you to spiral: your body grows dependent on junk.

Studies find that if you supplicate this craving, it becomes more profound, making it difficult to go back to healthy eating. But this is exactly why it is difficult to completely swear off junk food.

If you are newly incorporating healthy eating for Muay Thai, you will find that your body craves the former sugar and empty carbs of junk food. It is important to ignore these cravings and focus on your goal: getting ripped for Muay Thai.

#7: Recognizing The Importance Of Gradual Lifestyle Changes

That being said, it is not simply a question of focus. As this sort of lifestyle change is immense, your body needs a significant adjustment period.

So instead of complete abstinence from unhealthy food and food habits, start small. Begin by reducing your sugar intake into the half. As you go on, keep reducing the limit. Your body will begin adjusting to this on its own.

Though this process will be slower, it is more long-lasting. Often, Muay Thai striking is about having patience and striking at the right timing. Gradually changing your food habits is a bit like that too.

Muay Thai fighters believe that practicing it can change your life. To really practice it well, you need to make these changes yourself, the biggest change being your nutrition. Follow these nutrition tips and practices, and you will truly find that you have physically and mentally transformed.


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