10 Mistakes Made When Training Muay Thai in Thailand


By Sean Fagan

Everyone makes mistakes when they first make the voyage to Thailand to train Muay Thai, but you can avoid some of these common mistakes by learning from people who’ve already made them… like myself and Paul.

In this most recent podcast episode, Paul and I discuss the most common mistakes we made (and still continue to make) whenever we make the trip to Thailand. If you’re heading to Thailand in the near future, this podcast is a MUST listen to because it covers the top 10 mistakes including:

  1. Not Doing It Sooner – Putting off your trip to Thailand can result in you NEVER making the trip. The sooner you go the better because it will open new doors of opportunity for you and open your eyes to new possibilities.
  2. Not Planning Ahead – Although you want to do it as soon as possible, you do need to plan accordingly in order to make sure you have enough money and plan the proper itinerary for your trip. Taking time off work, saving money and putting everything in order is key in order to have a successful trip abroad.
  3. Overpacking – It’s going to happen. Try to avoid packing excess clothes, books and memorabilia that won’t be necessary for your trip. More often than not, you can pick up extra clothes and accessories while in Thailand for MUCH cheaper than back home. Plus, carrying extra luggage around while your traveling throughout Thailand is a major pain in the ass.
  4. Falling Into The Sexy Trap – The nightlife can consume you with exotic dancers, ladyboys, ping pong shows and the crazy raves.
  5. Not Falling Into The Sexy Trap – Although you don’t want to succumb to temptaion on a regular basis, it is important to enjoy your time in Thailand by making sure you experience the culture and other things it has to offer other than the training… just keep it balanced!
  6. Drinking The Tap Water – JUST DON’T DO IT!!!
  7. Not Taking Your Shoes Off – It’s customary to take your shoes off when entering peoples homes or places of worship. If you see a line of shoes on the outside of a store, you should take off your shoes to show respect.
  8. Scams – There are all types of scams from motorbike renters to tuk-tuk drivers and more. Do your research and go to Thailand with an idea of what type of scams most tourists fall trap to.
  9. Not Taking Photos Of Rentals – Like I mentioned, it is very easy to get scammed by motorbike (and other) rentals if you aren’t careful, so make sure you take pictures of whatever you rent so you can prove that there was no damage done when you return your vehicle.
  10. Becoming Frustrated/Angry – The Thai’s are mild-mannered people and they see it as disrespectful if you show too much emotion or anger when out in public or during training.

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