10 Survival Tips to Training Muay Thai in Thailand


By Sean Fagan

thailand training camp khongsittha muay thaiTraining in Thailand can be a daunting task. Everyone who has done it has made a number of mistakes (including Paul and I) and are constantly learning new things about training in the motherland of Muay Thai.

Our goal for this podcast episode is to get you as prepared as possible for the intense training that comes with Muay Thai in Thailand. Follow these 10 survival tips for training in Thailand and you’ll be happy you did 

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Here’s a brief summary of the things we cover in this weeks podcast:

#1. Proper Cooldown – It’s critical to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness and keep the body from locking up in future sessions.

#2. Thai Liniment – This stuff is awesome! It will help warm up stiff joints, minimize pain and help keep you from being unbelievable sore.

#3. Electrolytes and Hydration – You sweat a TON in the muggy heat of Thailand, so making sure you are hydrated to reduce cramps, perform at a high level and maximize your recovery is critical.

#4. Massage – Get the blood circulating to help aid in muscle recovery and release some tension in pain points in your body.

14046125_10154445599178599_1206423546135208065_n#5. Meditation & Yoga – Clear your mind, visualize your success and improve your flexibility, balance, stability and strength all in one practice.

#6. No Mind – Going along the same lines of meditation, it’s extremely important to focus on the present moment and putting all your focus on the task at hand.

#7. Rest and Recovery – We must know our body even if our mind pushes us past our physical limitations. It is often thought of as weakness, but what good is going through the movements and without learning? Make sure you’re taking power naps and getting a good nights rest.

#8. Distractions – There are a ton of distractions in Thailand, and not just the nightlife either. There are always awesome fights going on and things to do in a group environemtn, but making sure you’re not skipping out on training because of these other activities is key to your success.

#9. Changing the Routine – The day to day training that most Thai’s go through can be very mundane and mindless. Be sure to switch it up with a variety of training, i.e. strength and conditioning, partner drills, etc.

#10. Being You, Being Authoritative – Often times you know what’s best for your body/mind, so make sure you take initiative when it comes to your training.

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