10 Survival Tips to Training Muay Thai in Thailand


By Sean Fagan

thailand training camp khongsittha muay thaiTraining in Thailand can be a daunting task. Everyone who has done it has made a number of mistakes (including Paul and I) and are constantly learning new things about training in the motherland of Muay Thai.

Our goal for this podcast episode is to get you as prepared as possible for the intense training that comes with Muay Thai in Thailand. Follow these 10 survival tips for training in Thailand and you’ll be happy you did 

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Here’s a brief summary of the things we cover in this weeks podcast:

#1. Proper Cooldown – It’s critical to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness and keep the body from locking up in future sessions.

#2. Thai Liniment – This stuff is awesome! It will help warm up stiff joints, minimize pain and help keep you from being unbelievable sore.

#3. Electrolytes and Hydration –...

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To Rest Or Not To Rest: A Fighter’s Guilty Conscience


By Jillian Bosserdet

muay thai rest and recovery tipsI struggle with rest. I like routine. Regardless of how I feel, my fight camps read like a schedule. My training sessions and meals are planned out perfectly.

During fight camp, every moment of my life revolves around my fight. If I get an injury, that’s just too bad. If I am exhausted, oh well.

I struggle to understand you need to give your body and your mind time to recover – that recovery is just as important as training. I equate unscheduled rest with personal inadequacy. I think:

I’m not good enough.

I’m too weak.

My opponent, she’s not resting.

Why would I?

Because we are different people – different fighters. We have different bodies, and different means of training. Needing a break should not equal failure.

We train in a sport that is tremendously stressful on the body and the mind. During fight camps, we train two – three times a day, and six...

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How Physiotherapy Helps the Body Recover


By Brian Ward

Even if you’re young and strong, you’re still at risk of getting injured. One injury could be minor, which will only take some rest to recover fully, while others can be serious and may require extreme measures to heal.

Before you undergo any possible surgeries, you might want to try getting physiotherapy first.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a method of treatment that helps people with injuries or those suffering from illnesses heal. Clinics like Bentall Physiotherapy assess the severity of your condition, give you a physical exam, and then create a treatment plan for you. The various treatments used in physiotherapy may include one or a combination of the following:

  • Movement and exercise
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Ultrasound
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Heat, moist heat, and cold therapy
  • Light therapy

6 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Your Body Perform At Peak Levels


#1: Pain...
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What Are The Best Ways To Recover From Muay Thai Training?

Recovery is an integral part of training for combat sports. No matter how hard you try, you will get hurt in the gym. The key is to recover quickly and bounce back in time for the next hard session. Here’s how. . .  


We’ve all had those weeks when our bodies are aching for days on end after a single hard session.

When you go back to the gym, you’re not able to give 100% because you’re still sore or your joints ache.

The bad news is that there’s no way to prevent soreness or accidents from happening.

The good news that is that on your end, you can do some things to help speed up recovery between each session. Here are some tips to keep your body in tip-top recovery form:


What goes into your body will always show during your training sessions. The quality of your food matters as well as the ...

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Post Workout Recovery: Top 5 Tips to Improve Recovery

The Best Methods For Recovering Quickly For Your Next Training Session

Recovery is by FAR one of the most overlooked aspects of Muay Thai training.

Do you understand the importance of treating your body right after intense training sessions?

Whether you actually take the time to recover after workouts or you want to find out better ways to feel less sore/beat up, this guest post by Jerry from PNP Supplements will shine some light on areas that will help you with your post workout recovery.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Recovery

By Jerry Teixeira of PNP Supplements

One the most important aspect of training is your recovery. Although training is where stimulation for development and growth accurse, it is during your recovery where actual progress is made. Needless to say, the better you take care of your body during recovery, the more you will benefit from your training sessions.

With a good recovery regimen in place you can cut down on the time need for recovery, see better...

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