Post Workout Recovery: Top 5 Tips to Improve Recovery

The Best Methods For Recovering Quickly For Your Next Training Session

Recovery is by FAR one of the most overlooked aspects of Muay Thai training.

Do you understand the importance of treating your body right after intense training sessions?

Whether you actually take the time to recover after workouts or you want to find out better ways to feel less sore/beat up, this guest post by Jerry from PNP Supplements will shine some light on areas that will help you with your post workout recovery.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Recovery

By Jerry Teixeira of PNP Supplements

One the most important aspect of training is your recovery. Although training is where stimulation for development and growth accurse, it is during your recovery where actual progress is made. Needless to say, the better you take care of your body during recovery, the more you will benefit from your training sessions.

With a good recovery regimen in place you can cut down on the time need for recovery, see better results faster and reduce muscle soreness. Here are five tips to help you improve your post-training recovery.

post workout recovery tips for muay thai1) Get Hydrated

You’ve probably heard it’s important to hydrate before and during your training sessions, but what you may not know is how important water is during recovery.

Water helps to maintain body temperature and allows for over 50% of all chemical reactions occurring in your body.

It’s also responsible for the movement of nutrients, digestion, absorption processes, circulation, and the excretion of wastes. Being partially dehydrated can effect and slowdown your recovery, so make sure you get in your water post training too.

2) Consume Complete Proteins

After tough training sessions your muscle have micro tears, which need to be healed. For your muscles to heal and rebuild they need complete combinations of amino acids.

If you eat incomplete proteins your muscle may not get all the amino acid combinations they need, so make sure you’re eating complete proteins. Examples of complete proteins are meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Incomplete proteins are grains, nuts, beans and peas.

3) Replenish Glycogen

Your glycogen stores become depleted through exercise and training. Adding simple carbohydrates to your post-workout recovery meal has many benefits. Carbohydrates help your body replenish energy faster and recovery faster. With your energy stores refilled fast, your body focuses on repairing and rebuilding faster too. Carbohydrates also, cause your body to release insulin, which helps transport nutrients to your muscles and other body tissue.

IMG_01704) Eat Every 2 to 3 Hours

Eating balanced meals, which include both complex carbohydrates and complete proteins, will keep a steady flow of amino acids and glucose going to your muscles. This steady flow will keep you in a state of anabolism (recovery), which will provide a faster and more complete recovery.

Keep in mind: once consumed, amino acids only have a usable life of up to four hours. So, if all the needed combination of amino acids are not present within four hours those amino acids will not be used for muscle repair. This is a big part of why you need to eat evenly throughout the day.

5) Get Enough Rest

Every time you train you’re tearing your muscle tissue down, stressing your body out and causing damage to take place. To recover from tough training, your body needs proper nutrient replenishment, but it also needs time to recovery.

Training too often without adequate time to rest and fully recovery can cut down on the results you get from training and even lead to burning out. You need to take time between training sessions and get full nights of sleep.


Although there are several tips and techniques you can implement into your post-training regimen, these five techniques will help you establish a solid base to build from. Many athletes start to implement advanced or exotic techniques before establishing a solid base for recovery. Make sure you are always covering your bases.

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