KILLER Muay Thai Knee Combo & Technique Drill


By Evan Lee

The knee is the hardest bone you can possibly throw at your opponent, and it’s powered by the strongest muscles in your body. In other words, getting kneed sucks, which is exactly the reason why we need to master our knees! Instead of the ones being hurt, let’s be the ones who bring the pain.

Think about the legendary Dieselnoi. He is the knee and the clinch specialist. He’s universally considered to be one of the best Muay Thai fighters ever and possibly the best Muay Thai fighter of all time (him or Samart). In fact, he was so feared that he was forced to retire because no one would fight him. That just goes to show how important knees are.

But you know what they say: "seeing is believing" - and the same is true for these KILLER Muay Thai knee combos!

KILLER Muay Thai Knee Combo & Technique Drill [Spear, Stab & Skip Knees]


Just like Sean said in the video above, knees are one of the best counters to punches. In fact, I will go so far to say that knees are one of the best counters to any kind of forward aggression in general.

If you want to magnify the impact of any strike, you want your opponent to come forward into you. Think about two cars colliding. What would be a more violent impact: if a speeding car ran into a parked car or if two speeding cars ran into one another? Obviously the latter. Your goal should be to do the same thing, and the knee is a spectacular tool for doing that.

Aren’t punches also a great way to counter forward movement? Sometimes. Punches are expected to come when you move forward, which is why many fighters have built-in movement to defend against that. They’ve got insurance policies in place, like moving their heads off line as they punch or keeping a high guard.

If you’re countering with a knee, odds are that you will be blasting your opponent’s body. Fortunately for you, but unfortunately for your opponent, it is impossible to get your body out of the way in time. It’s easy to move your head off line but moving the body… That’s a tad trickier.

Working on combinations is one of the most important things you can do in fighting. This is a great test of your balance and how you flow from technique to technique. Odds are that when you’re fighting with knees, you’ll be in the clinch. If you’re in the clinch, you will not just be throwing one type of knee. There are many tools for the job, and you will no doubt be transitioning between them. That is why it is absolutely crucial that you work on your knee combos. If your balance is just a touch off, your opponent will smell blood and take advantage.

Reading this may not turn you into Dieselnoi, but let’s hope it gets the ball rolling in that direction and gets your opponents rolling on the floor… because of the pain.

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