Sean Fagan's Muay Thai Private With Saenchai



Imagine getting coached by Michael Jordan in basketball or getting taught to swim by Michael Phelps.

Well, Sean Fagan got a pretty nice private lesson with their equivalents - one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time, Saenchai.

 The man himself needs no introduction, but I will give him one anyway. Saenchai has an overall record of 299 wins, 42 losses, and 5 draws. He is a Lumpinee champion in four different divisions, and is widely considered to be the greatest active Muay Thai fighter on the planet.

He has also not lost since 2014 and is currently riding a 53-fight winning streak. He’s a beast. And you can see the beast in action with Sean Fagan right here:

My Muay Thai Private With Saenchai


Sean was fortunate enough to train with Saenchai, however, most of us are decidedly not fortunate enough to be in a position like this. Luckily for us, we can still learn from these legends through the magic of fight tape.

There is no replacement for being able to meet a legend like Saenchai in person. However, much of what we can learn from them exists on video. So let me talk briefly on how to analyze your favorite fighters.

 Firstly, let’s talk about picking who to analyze. I recommend compiling a list of fighters to analyze based on certain characters. For instance, having a list of fighters who are great clinchers, a list of fighters who are great kickers, a list of fighters who are great elbow fighters, etc.

Perhaps even breaking it down even further! Maybe you have a list of fighters who are amazing at teeps, ones who are amazing at straight knees, ones who have brutal southpaw left kicks, etc.

Once you’ve figured out who to analyze, it’s time to figure out how.

I believe the easiest way is to pick fights that end in finishes. The fight will more than likely be more exciting to watch over and over, and it will be shorter which can make it easier to analyze.

Once you’ve got a fight, start with the finish. Your goal when analyzing anything should be to figure out the moments of success and figure out how the fighter managed that. With the end of the fight as your starting point, it will be far easier for you to work backwards and figure out how the finish started.

Those are the basics of analyzing your favorite Muay Thai fighters. One of the best possible ways of learning from a fighter is simply to study them. It is a tool that is readily available to you and it will not only allow you to have a greater understanding of the art of Muay Thai and allow you to add tools to your game, it will also give you a deeper appreciation for the man or woman you are studying.

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