6 Heavy Bag Drills To Aim... and FIRE!


< Note: We have previously discussed heavy bag drills that will build up your balance. This is an expansion of what we talked about last time, so I strongly recommend you read it here before going forward. >

Today we’re going to be looking at heavy bag drills for techniques that will not only improve your balance but also improve your co-ordination on unorthodox combinations.

We’re going to be specifically looking at building punches off of kicks. Conventional wisdom is to lead with a punch (the easier technique to see coming) in order to set up a kick. This is a completely valid way to fight, and it’s not wrong at all to emphasize this in your training. What is often overlooked, however, is doing the inverse.

Throwing a kick, at half power, to follow through with a powerful punch is an underutilized and formidable approach to fighting that has given some of the best kickboxers in history knockout...

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3 Killer Muay Thai Partner Drills


By Matt Filart

Most of us miss Muay Thai something fierce right now, and sometimes it’s not even the heavy bag work or the great workout you get from it. For a lot of us, it’s the social interaction that we got from training with partner drills, pad work and sparring. 

If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to live with someone else right now, you just might be able to convince them to to train with you and run a few drills.

Having a training partner you can train with right now is a great benefit, especially if you're getting sick of shadowboxing or heavy bag work if you have a bag. 

Partner drills are absolutely essential to Muay Thai and are some of the most fun and challenging drills you can run. So, to help you and your lucky partner get started, we’ve complied a list of some of our best partner drills. 

5 Best Beginner Sparring Drills for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing


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3 Killer Shadow Boxing Workouts for Muay Thai


By Matt Filart

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about getting your heavy bag and working out with them. A heavy bag is a great tool for any nak muay to have at any time, especially in times like now... but they can be expensive and you might not be able to set one up in the place you live.

This leaves those of us without a heavy bag with even fewer options when it comes to our solo Muay Thai training. This means that most of us are going to have to stick to shadow boxing to get our training fix. This sounds straightforward enough, but shadow boxing is, like most things in Muay Thai, a lot harder than it looks.

It takes a lot of focus and intent to shadow box correctly and to get a workout from it. This means it can be hard to start shadow boxing without a coach or someone else guiding you along, especially if you are somewhat new to Muay Thai.

So, to help you out we’ve compiled three of our best shadow boxing...

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5 Non-Muay Thai Drills & Exercises for Muay Thai


Muay Thai is hella fun. If you didn’t think it was fun, you wouldn’t be on this blog site reading about it!

While it’s easy to fall into the routine Muay Thai drills that we all love so much – roadwork, skipping rope, bag work, pad work, sparring, wash, rinse, repeat – those aren’t the only drills that combat athletes need in their training regimen.

Consistency breeds champions, but consistently doing the same things over and over again with no variation can also breed boredom, burnout, and – the athlete’s constant concern – injury. In order to be a beast at Muay Thai, you may want to consider doing some exercises that seemingly have nothing to do with Muay Thai.

Here are five non-Muay Thai drills that can help bring your fight game to the next level – and you don’t even need a partner, heavy bag, or ring to do them!

DRILL 1: Hill Sprints

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Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workouts & Training Tips


By Sean Fagan
buakaw heavy bag training drills and workouts

Doing intense, focused heavy bag workouts for Muay Thai is easily one of the most overlooked and under utilized aspects of training.

If used properly, the heavy bag is a super effective piece of training equipment for improving your cardio, power, speed, technique, focus, and movement.

All Muay Thai fighters should incorporate heavy bag training into their overall strength and conditioning workouts on a regular basis in order to improve overall fitness as well as striking skills.

Routinely using the heavy bag is something that I find most fighters don’t do enough of. And for the fighters that do use the heavy bag, they are usually making these common mistakes and end up not using it to it’s fullest potential and getting maximum results.

These are 5 of the most common mistakes that most Muay Thai fighters make while hitting the heavy bag. Fortunately there are ways to fix and...

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Overcoming the Fear of Getting Hit


By Sean Fagan

how to take a punch to the face thai boxing sparring tipsScared of getting punched in the face?

Worried about wearing a body kick on your ribs?

Don’t like the pain of getting your kicks checked?

Well, believe it or not, you are not alone. Almost everyone who starts out training Muay Thai has the same fears you do. They don’t want to get hurt. They don’t want their pretty face punched in. They avoid sparring because they are worried about being embarrassed or beat up.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, if you want to improve your technique and actually become competent in the art of Muay Thai, you are going to have to face your fears at one point or another.

You are going to have to come to terms with pain, anxiety, and fear. You are going to have to be a little crazy if you want to be successful in the art of eight limbs.

Now I don’t mean to brag but, I’m really good at getting...

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6 Muay Thai Clinch Techniques: Knees, Elbows, Throws and Drills

Muay Thai Knees, Elbows and Sweep Techniques

The Muay Thai clinch.

It can be your best friend or your worst enemy… and I’m guessing you want to be friends with your clinch game right?

When it comes to learning the intricacies of the clinch game it can get a bit overwhelming. There are basically an infinite number of clinch knees, elbows, sweeps, defensive moves and off-balance techniques that you have to be aware of to be proficient when battling on the inside.

So, in order to help you add more variety to your and embrace the clinch game I want to share you some of the best Muay Thai clinch techniques that you should consider adding to your skill set.

First I want to show you a couple effective clinch knee techniques that you can utilize to land a flush knee either to your opponents body or head. The first video below is by UK Muay Thai champ, Damien Trainor of K-Star Legacy Gym who demonstrates a useful off-balancing technique followed by a knee. The second...

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