The Best Supplements For Muay Thai Training And Workouts


supplements for muay thai training

By Sean Fagan

I’m not huge into workout supplements by any means… but there was was a time (prior to my Muay Thai career) where I did my fair share of experimentation just because I wanted to look ripped and jacked as hell.

Needless to say, I made my fair share of mistakes trying some not-so-safe bodybuilding supplements that may have given me short-term results, but did more harm than good in the long term.

Now that I’m not worried about looking like a testosterone junkie, I’ve focused more on living a healthy life and putting natural, healthy things in my body. I’ve learned from my mistakes and made sure to study up and do some research before putting anything into my body. Below are some of the best supplements I found that have noticeably helped with my Muay Thai training, recovery, strength, endurance and overall health.

Note: Supplements should only be...

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Muay Thai: An Accidental HIIT Workout


By Darren Mitchell

There are few workouts more effective than High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The basic premise of a HIIT workout is this: periods of high intensity work, separated by rest intervals. The work intervals are higher intensity than "traditional" cardio which means they push the body beyond its usual limits. Thanks to the sheer effort required in the work intervals, they’re usually kept pretty short.

Now consider this: five three-minute bursts of incredibly high intensity effort, using all four limbs, directional changes, explosive movements and concentration separated by two minute breaks.

Sound familiar? Like a Muay Thai bout, perhaps?

Muay Thai is an accidental HIIT workout, so whether you’re a Nak Muay or a weekend warrior looking to drop a few pounds, it really could be the perfect workout for you.

The History of HIIT

The success of HIIT was built on the basis of anecdotal research done by...

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Energy-Packed Muay Thai Meals


By Andrew Bryan

It’s a simple fact of life but it never gets any less true: food is your body’s fuel. If the fight is won in the gym, then it’s also won in the kitchen. Your athletic performance will never reach its peak if you don’t have a healthy diet to back it up.

When you’re a Muay Thai fighter, or any kind of explosive athlete, your body is constantly working those fast twitch fibers. It’s great fun but it can also be grueling on your body and unfortunately, sports will wreck your joints over time. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re eating the right kind of foods to keep your body in top condition.

You need carbohydrates and protein. While they both do different things, you can’t have great fitness without both. Carbohydrates give you the energy to get through hard workouts, to be able to push more and work out harder. The...

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What NOT To Say To Fighters On Fight Week


By Sean Fagan

13248595_10154824720403496_6392597199556436651_oMost of the time us nak muay have the patience to explain what “Moo Thai” or “Mai Tai” is and how it’s different from UFC fighting.

However, on fight week it is a completely different story. Fortunately, the Muay Thai guys are here to show you the proper etiquette for talking to your Muay Thai friends when they have a fight coming up.

First and foremost, understand that the week of a fight is a mental power struggle and can be very stressful at times. Your teammate or friend is getting ready for a fight and is focused on the fight itself; this primarily includes finishing up his or her’s lovely weight cut process and getting their mind right for fight night.

As a fan and supporter we are sure you mean well, but just keep in mind that what you say and do affects his/her focus and mentality for the fight..

Here are just a few of the things you should avoid...

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Top Ten Awesome Muay Thai Fighter Nicknames


By Jillian Bosserdet

Marcel the Shell: Guess what I want but I’m not gonna beg for it?

Guy: Uh… what?

Marcel the Shell: A nickname. Because you can’t—you can’t make it for yourself, like you can make yourself a new hairstyle, but you can’t say, “well, now I go by the name of ‘The General’ or whatever…

Guy: If you could have a nickname, what would it be?

Marcel the Shell: Ace.

(If you haven’t seen Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, go watch it. Now.)

Anyway, the little crustacean makes a valid point. You can’t just go out and give yourself a nickname.

I was asked to make a list of my top ten favorite Muay Thai fighter nicknames. Funny thing, is I have been trying to figure out mine for a while now. While friends of mine have had plenty of suggestions (Killer Kale, Violence, Watch Out, Ninja Turtle – they just kept...

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Dealing With Aggressive Sparring Partners


By Angela Chang

Behold! the original list of ten sparring partners that you will encounter continually throughout your career. Today we break down one of the most challenging opponents to overcome in the gym: aggressive sparring partners. We called this fighter “the God Mode partner,” but they are better known as “blitzers.”

Imagine this, if you will: The bell goes off and you settle your eyes on your sparring partner for the round. As soon as you touch gloves, he or she goes in. I mean really goes in on you. We’re talking about non-stop combinations, punches and kicks, barely giving you any space to breathe. You’re trying to defend and hit back but you’re also worried about what might be coming next, which is coming at you in a matter of nanoseconds.

While they’re not necessarily hitting with ill intent, the aggression from this opponent is there and it...

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8 Essential Muay Thai Books


By Aimee Laurence

You may be a recent convert to Muay Thai or have been a connoisseur for rather longer. But as well as enjoying watching the "Art of Eight Limbs" on the television, or training and competing in it, you may want to seek out some good reading material to help round out your appreciation of this unique sport.

No matter what your level of interest in Muay Thai (that’s "Thai boxing" to the layman), here are the eight best books on the sport for you to enjoy.

Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques by Christopher Delp

As the title suggests, this is a beginner’s guide to the sport of Muay Thai, and a comprehensive one at that. As you would imagine, there are many efforts aimed at enticing people into the sport, but this is definitely one of the best, covering everything from the basic techniques in which to train, but also detailing more around the culture of the sport...

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Pain & Other Side Effects of Fighting


Starting from square one is always a hard thing to do.

It can also become downright discouraging when the first couple of Muay Thai sessions are impeded by physical discomforts that seem to reoccur every time.

Just know that this is a common experience and there are others who have worked through the same thing.

So before we start unflinchingly kicking down banana trees, here are the three common discomforts that beginners experience and how to help reduce the chances of them occurring:

 #1: Muscle Cramps

Muay Thai is extremely dynamic and involves different muscle groups that are not commonly activated during daily routine, especially not for a beginner with a regular nine-to-five.

After all, nobody goes around doing 25-50 left and right leg kicks in public for fun on a daily basis.

Add high intensity training into the mix and the chance of cramps skyrocket.

That sharp pain in the sides… that calf muscle that...

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10 Survival Tips to Training Muay Thai in Thailand


By Sean Fagan

thailand training camp khongsittha muay thaiTraining in Thailand can be a daunting task. Everyone who has done it has made a number of mistakes (including Paul and I) and are constantly learning new things about training in the motherland of Muay Thai.

Our goal for this podcast episode is to get you as prepared as possible for the intense training that comes with Muay Thai in Thailand. Follow these 10 survival tips for training in Thailand and you’ll be happy you did 

Click To Listen ===> 10 Survival Tips For Training In Thailand

Here’s a brief summary of the things we cover in this weeks podcast:

#1. Proper Cooldown – It’s critical to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness and keep the body from locking up in future sessions.

#2. Thai Liniment – This stuff is awesome! It will help warm up stiff joints, minimize pain and help keep you from being unbelievable sore.

#3. Electrolytes and Hydration –...

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A Complete Guide To Fighting For The First Time


By Sean Fagan

Some people get into Muay Thai for the specific reason to test themselves in the ring, while others start training because they want to get in better shape and learn an effective method for self defense. Regardless of why you began training, chances are that you have at least contemplated the idea of stepping into the ring and fighting…. haven’t you?11742958_10153994724393496_4759337500307500300_n

In this podcast, fighters Sean (19-6) and Paul (12-2-1) breakdown a complete guide so you can be 100% prepared for your first (or next) fight.

With a combined 40+ fights, The Muay Thai Guys share their best tips, strategies and training tools that have helped them be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually before entering the ring. Here’s a brief rundown of what the cover:

Complete Guide To Fighting For The First Time

  1. Figure Out Your “WHY” – Knowing why you want to fight is the first step to...
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