10 Basic Muay Thai Combos For Beginners

Best Muay Thai Combinations For Beginners

10 Basic Muay Thai combinations.

Wait? Isn’t this quantity over quality? Well, that depends on how you look at it.

Quantity is an often overlooked component of training. The focus on quality is often at the forefront of everyone’s vision. It makes sense, because by attempting to spread yourself across you will be spreading yourself thin, thus proving the inferiority of quantity. 

In what world, then, would it be sane to suggest that quantity rule over quality?

In one where mistakes can be made.

Training can often get stale when all you do is sharpen your own tools. When one is preparing for a fight, any mistake in training can be costly and throw off the entire training camp, the margins of error are thin. No room for no lollygagging up in this.

What about when you’re not training for a fight? That’s when the fun begins.

When you’re training for fun and to develop skills, that’s when you can...

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Best Bodyweight Workout Routines, Exercises and Circuits for Muay Thai

Best Bodyweight Workout Routines, Exercises and Circuits for Muay Thai 

The Truth About Bodyweight Training for Muay Thai - By Funk Roberts

best bodyweight exercises and circuits for muay thai

Can you really improve your overall strength and conditioning by doing an intense bodyweight workout routine?

I can remember when I started to train for my Muay Thai fight in Thailand back in 2010.  Before I stared I was 195lbs and training with weights, kettlebells, sandbags, etc. But when my Kru told me I was going to fight at 175lbs and that I had to stop using weights, I was a bit reluctant and scared at first but I had a task and goal set so it was time to adjust my training.

I sculpted my body using mostly weight prior to this and I felt that strictly using bodyweight exercises over the next 8 months was going to kill everything I had worked hard for… or so I thought!

I started implementing the best bodyweight exercises to create intense bodyweight workouts and circuits to help with endurance,...

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5×5 Circuit Workout for Strength and Endurance

A Complete Workout To Build Both Your Power and Cardio 

To be a complete badass, you need to be performing solid workouts that will target power, strength, muscular endurance, cardio, abs and core, explosiveness, and mental toughness. Sound tough? Too bad. Time to work your ass off!

Welcome to The Funk and Flex MMA 5×5 Station Circuit – By Funk Roberts

This strength and conditioning workout is ideal for fighters, but also anyone looking for all-round fitness. If you want to be ready for anything life throws at you, this is your workout. That’s why this method of training is also ideal for those in the military.

This circuit is called the 5×5 Station Circuit because it involves making your way through five stations, in five minutes each. Pretty simple. At each station, you go through the listed exercises one after the other. You keep performing these exercises in rotation for five minutes, and then you move on to the next station.


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How To Improve Your Flexibility For Muay Thai

 The 3D Flexibility System – It’s Not JUST Stretching

muay thai flexibility program

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to flexibility is that to make flexibility gains, you need to lengthen muscle tissue and do a ton of static stretching.

While this makes sense, I’ve recently learned from my buddy Eric that static stretching is just 1 factor of 9.

That’s right – there are actually NINE factors that affect your flexibility, so if you don’t address the ones that are actually keeping you tight, you won’t make any gains. That’s why many people stretch and stretch and stretch but NEVER make any real gains in their flexibility.

You would think I’d be super flexible by now since I’ve been doing a variety of stretching routines at the end of my Muay Thai training sessions and I’ve been doing yoga for a little over 3 years now… wrong!

Yes, I have definitely improved my flexibility, but not at the pace I was hoping for.


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How To Watch a Muay Thai Fight: The not-so obvious rules.

The Confusing Rules of Muay Thai in Thailand 

This article is an attempt to try to explain the rules to watching a Muay Thai match.  Now this is a feat that is quite more complicated than you would expect due to the evolution of rules which may, or may not be dictated by the current state of gambling in Thailand.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • A Muay Thai match consists of 5×3 min rounds with a 2 min rest in between rounds
    muay thai fight rules kick for kick in thailand
  • Each round is scored with a total of 10 points, which is accumulated for the total of 5 rounds to equal 50 points, unlike boxing where it’s scored in individual rounds.
  • Points are scored according to clean strikes; punches, kicks, elbows, knees and sweeps.  Kicks, elbows, knees, sweeps, and a dominant clinch score more points than a clean punch, unless the punch results in a knockdown or does visible damage.
  • When locked up in the clinch both fighters will battle for the dominant position.  When knees are executed in the...
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Common Muay Thai Injuries and Remedies

Common Injuries From Muay Thai Training And How To Treat Them

 How To Heal Bruised Shins, Shin Splints, and Sprained Wrists

muay thai injury black eye

Sorry to break it to you, but at some point in your Muay Thai career, you are going to get hurt.

This could be a common Muay Thai injury like a blister or black eye, or it could be more serious like a sprained ankle or broken bone. In any case, being mentally prepared for roadblocks and learning how to persist past these obstacles is key to any nak muay’s career and overall sanity.

Before I go into some of the most common Muay Thai injuries, I want you to understand that when you are injured and can’t train, it is not the end of the world! I have had minor injuries and serious injuries that have kept me away from the gym, but there are always other ways to improve yourself and stay productive that do not always have to relate directly to training.

To understand more what I mean, check out my post The Benefits Of Being...

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Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick Technique Tips

How To Throw A Muay Thai Kick Properly

By Sean Fagan

Needless to say, the Muay Thai roundhouse kick is what makes Muay Thai one of the most deadliest martial arts in the world.

However if you throw a Muay Thai kick with sloppy technique you be less efficient (which makes you more tired) and you will leave openings in your defense.

Even though the roundhouse kick is one of the most basic Muay Thai techniques you’ll first learn when you step into a gym, it takes a lifetime to perfect. I’ve been training Thai boxing over 10 years now and still know that there is plenty of room to improve my kick technique to add more power and speed to it.

 How NOT To Muay Thai Kick: 8 Common Mistakes

Basic Kick Technique Tips

  • Be loose! Your leg should almost be completely dead weight that is guided by your hips, shoulders and torso.
  • Push up on the balls of your post foot. This will help you generate more hip action and be more free to rotate through. If you are flat...
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How To Fight A Taller Opponent in Muay Thai

Muay Thai Fighting Tactics To Beat a Taller Opponent

how to fight a taller opponent muay thai tactics and strategy

Fighting someone taller than you can be very frustrating, especially when you’re not sure what to do to negate the reach advantage your opponent has on you.

Getting jabbed in the nose or front kicked in the sternum is no fun, especially when you’re not able to return fire since you’re out of range.

Fortunately, throughout the history of Muay Thai and other combat sports, there has  been a ton of fights where we can learn a lot of strategiestactics and techniques to overcome a height disadvantage.

There are a few key fight strategies to consider whenever dealing with a taller opponent.

Top 7 Muay Thai Tactics To Beat A Taller Opponent in Muay Thai 

1) Find Your Range

Stay inside or outside your opponents range… not in the middle!

As the shorter fighter, you’re going to want to avoid the middle ground at all costs...

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Muay Thai Abs And Core Workouts

Intense Ab Exercises & Core Circuit Workouts To Finish Off Your Next Muay Thai Training Session

Abs workouts and core conditioning for a fighter means much more than just developing a six-pack.  You must focus on training your abs to help you improve movement patterns, strength, and overall performance.

Obviously, your core is extremely important as a Muay Thai fighter. If you have a strong and stable core it will lead to more powerful kicks and punches, better footwork, more efficient clinching, and the ability to absorb more punishment.

You must understand that improving your abs and core region is much more than crunches. In fact, I’m not a big advocate of crunching but I do understand Muay Thai and combat fighters are different and some crunching exercises can be performed.

Today I am going to share two Core and Abs Finisher workout circuits that I use with my fighters at the end of our conditioning for fighters session.  These are short, but intense Muay...

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5 Muay Thai Drills For The Heavy Bag

Awesome Heavy Bag Drills For Muay Thai

 The heavy bag is undoubtedly an important piece of training equipment.

Heavy bag drills not only build up endurance and strength, but hone technique and help one develop and perfect combinations.

There are many useful exercises, but here is a selection of five to experiment with during the next training session.

WATCH: Best Beginner Heavy Bag Drills For MMA, Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Heavy Bag Drills For Muay Thai

#1: 100 Push Kicks/Teeps

Focus on accuracy and control.

When you kick, time each one with the backswing of the bag so that you fall into a rhythm. View the bag as an opponent: don’t let it gain the advantage and follow-up each kick with another before the bag can swing back.

Keep your kicks sharp and quick during each rep. Try to land each one in the same spot so that the bag swings back and forth rather than all over the place.

Alternate your stance after each rep. Take your time between reps if you need...

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