Adding To Your Muay Thai Training


There is already so much to learn in Muay Thai. Just learning how to box is tough enough, and now I have to master six other limbs, too??? C'mon!

Seriously, even after 10+ years and 30+ fights, I'm still picking up completely new-to-me tactics and techniques here in Thailand. It can get overwhelming very easily, but one of the main principles Paul "Reaper" Banasiak and I will be talking about today is how that variety and doing so much can help you. 

As you can guess, in today’s episode, we’re talking all about the supplemental training you need to do in order to maximize your Muay Thai training and turn you into the best nak muay that you can be!

It might seem counter-intuitive to spend all of your effort on so many other things that aren’t Muay Thai itself, but it absolutely helps. 

Think about it this way. Why is Muay Thai such an effective martial art, and why particularly are the Thais so effective with it? It’s because of how all eight limbs work together. Individually, they are all extremely powerful, but when you combine them together, you get so much more. The punches set up the kicks, the kicks set up the punches, elbows set up knees, and knees set up elbows. Beautiful.

The same is true of your general training. The same synergy applies. If you make sure your strength and conditioning is top notch, all of your training is improved. If you make sure your nutrition is perfect, you’ll feel better, perform better, recover faster, and just do everything better. If your rehab and mobility work is better, you’ll recover faster, have fewer injuries, and the list goes on. 

So today we’re breaking down all the other forms of training you should be doing in order to become the best nak muay that you can be! 

In today’s episode, we talk about: 

    • How Don Heatrick helped our strength training, conditioning & biomechanics;
    • How to be productive while traveling;
    • How momentum will help you be more productive;
    • How to master your time;
    • Why variety is the spice of life; 
    • And much, much more...

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