Essential Guide to Basic Muay Thai Footwork


Muay Thai and footwork are not exactly synonymous. You don't really think of one and instantly think of the other. No, it just does not work that way for Muay Thai and footwork.

The classic image that most casual observers have of Muay Thai is two combatants standing right in front of the other and trading power shots.

Footwork is more associated with Western boxing than it is with Muay Thai. That is a misconception that needs to be corrected.

Those in the know understand what footwork means to "the Art of Eight Limbs." Make no mistake about it, footwork is just as essential in Muay Thai. 

Footwork for Offense & Defense

The right footwork is useful in both offense and defense. To be a real and effective nak muay, you need to be able to do both effectively.

It gets you to the right spot so you can throw your strikes effectively by using angles that will let you...

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Advanced Shadowboxing For Advanced Skill Sets


By Evan Lee

Shadowboxing is an extremely effective method of training, and it is training that can be done anywhere and without any training partners. 

However, this method of training may seem inferior to pad work or bag work because the same stimulus of a partner or impact on a bag is not there, but it is not inferior. It is a necessary supplement. 

When you are hitting pads or hitting the bag, it is easy to let yourself flail and let how powerful a strike feels tell you whether or not you’re doing a good job. “Blasted the bag with a kick and produced a loud bang. I’m doing awesome!” impact and how you feel is not a good judge. 

When you are shadowboxing, you get a chance to pay attention to your body, how it’s moving, how balanced you are, how smooth everything is, whether your whole body is working together, etc. 

These are all crucial factors in determining how effective of a fighter...

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Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill For Kicking Balance

Heavy Bag Drill to Increase Kicking Balance For Your Teeps

Movement is balance.

The body is balance. If your chest is overdeveloped, your shoulders will round forward. This is both ugly and…not so pretty on your body. If your right is dominant, you’ll forget to use your left. This can quickly spell disaster when a certain action from your opponent requires a reaction from a certain side of you.

Balance of the body and equilibrium are both necessary in fighting. A strong foundation is balance, a strong foundation is power, and power…equals knockouts. Train your balance with this Muay Thai heavy bag drill and you’ll be like a cat, always landing on your feet and always being in a good position.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag For Better Teeping Balance

Flowing between soft and hard is an excellent way to train your body. Now here’s an entire workout you can shape around your training.

Drills make skills, and the more you train on this wonderful tool...

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Yoga + Muay Thai = Perfect Combination

How Yoga Will Make You a Better Muay Thai Fighter & Person

By Sean Fagan

Is it crazy for me to say that Yoga has been a major part of my success in Muay Thai and in life?

It might be, especially when most people have preconceptions about practicing Yoga that are (mostly) not true.

Sure, there are some weird chants, poses, and techniques that you’ll find yourself doing during an intense Yoga class, but if you’re able to laugh at yourself and take Yoga for what it is, it can be incredibly beneficial to your Muay Thai training and life in general.

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and give Yoga a try. Although it might not be for everyone, I’m confident that you will take something useful from the practice if you stick with it. 

6 Benefits Of Yoga For Muay Thai

1. Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits you’ll notice when you start to implement Yoga and Muay Thai together is the improvement in your flexibility and...

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