Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill For Kicking Balance

Heavy Bag Drill to Increase Kicking Balance For Your Teeps

Movement is balance.

The body is balance. If your chest is overdeveloped, your shoulders will round forward. This is both ugly and…not so pretty on your body. If your right is dominant, you’ll forget to use your left. This can quickly spell disaster when a certain action from your opponent requires a reaction from a certain side of you.

Balance of the body and equilibrium are both necessary in fighting. A strong foundation is balance, a strong foundation is power, and power…equals knockouts. Train your balance with this Muay Thai heavy bag drill and you’ll be like a cat, always landing on your feet and always being in a good position.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag For Better Teeping Balance

Flowing between soft and hard is an excellent way to train your body. Now here’s an entire workout you can shape around your training.

Drills make skills, and the more you train on this wonderful tool we call the heavy bag, the better you’ll get. You’re filling out your arsenal with weapons of mass destruction, and, believe me, you will be slinging some bombs when you’re through with the work.

Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit

Defense is just as important as offense. Balance also is of equal importance in both scenarios. If you take a shot and aren’t in a balanced position, you could get knocked out, or you’ll get pushed around. Every time you drill is a time to practice weight transfer, even in defense.

Weight transfer is what gives us our power. It’s our ability to manipulate the f=ma equation without putting on extra poundage or acceleration on our punches. However, weight transfer also gives us strong defense. It’s our ability to place an opposing force against whatever the opponent is throwing at us, or it’s our ability to evade and then strike back efficiently.

Heavy Bag Defense Drill for Muay Thai

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