Why Bali Yoga Retreats Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List


 By Sarah Morris

It’s widely known that yoga produces wonders for your physical and mental well-being. The practice promotes harmony between your mind and body through a combination of breathing exercises, meditations, and poses.

Enhance the effects of this method by coupling it with a restful vacation to get away from all the stress and toxicity in your personal and professional life. Enjoy breathtaking views as you equip yourself on how to manage stressors more productively.

You can find holiday packages that provide you with a new environment to meditate in. Bali, one of Indonesia’s islands, is a scenic tourist spot and an ideal place for yoga retreats. Learn more about the incredible Thailand & Bali retreats at Blooming Lotus Yoga.

Here are the reasons why you should try Bali yoga retreats during one of your wanderlust adventures:

Engage with Nature


Bali is the ultimate tropical paradise with its...

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Muay Thai + Yoga + Greece = You?

There are few times in your life when opportunity knocks on your door. A Muay Thai retreat just might be that knocking. . .


“Holiday vibes and physical activity.”

That best describes a Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai retreat, especially the kind of retreats we’ve been holding lately at a brand new location: Greece! We’ve been set up on the gorgeous seaside paradise of Kefalonia, Greece. And I think it’s time you ought to join us!

What can I say about Kefalonia that hasn’t already been written? With a human history on its shores since at least late pre-historic times, Kefalonia is a place with a reputation and a story. Dotted with stunning ruins and draped in wild jungle throughout, Kefalonia is where vacationers and nak muay alike come to enjoy the peace and tranquility that this magical island is known for. When we found the opportunity to host...

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Yoga + Muay Thai = Perfect Combination

How Yoga Will Make You a Better Muay Thai Fighter & Person

By Sean Fagan

Is it crazy for me to say that Yoga has been a major part of my success in Muay Thai and in life?

It might be, especially when most people have preconceptions about practicing Yoga that are (mostly) not true.

Sure, there are some weird chants, poses, and techniques that you’ll find yourself doing during an intense Yoga class, but if you’re able to laugh at yourself and take Yoga for what it is, it can be incredibly beneficial to your Muay Thai training and life in general.

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and give Yoga a try. Although it might not be for everyone, I’m confident that you will take something useful from the practice if you stick with it. 

6 Benefits Of Yoga For Muay Thai

1. Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits you’ll notice when you start to implement Yoga and Muay Thai together is the improvement in your flexibility and...

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