Why Bali Yoga Retreats Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List


 By Sarah Morris

It’s widely known that yoga produces wonders for your physical and mental well-being. The practice promotes harmony between your mind and body through a combination of breathing exercises, meditations, and poses.

Enhance the effects of this method by coupling it with a restful vacation to get away from all the stress and toxicity in your personal and professional life. Enjoy breathtaking views as you equip yourself on how to manage stressors more productively.

You can find holiday packages that provide you with a new environment to meditate in. Bali, one of Indonesia’s islands, is a scenic tourist spot and an ideal place for yoga retreats. Learn more about the incredible Thailand & Bali retreats at Blooming Lotus Yoga.

Here are the reasons why you should try Bali yoga retreats during one of your wanderlust adventures:

Engage with Nature


Bali is the ultimate tropical paradise with its picturesque natural wonders from beaches and waterfalls to plains and jungles. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and enjoy the fresh air while you exercise.

This new, more scenic environment can give you the boost to improve on your yoga and meditation skills, as well as flexibility. Plus, connecting with nature can have immense benefits on your psyche by reducing anger, fear, and stress and replacing them with more pleasant feelings.

Go on a Digital Detox

Most of the stress and anxiety that people experience nowadays comes through the little devices that are always on their hands. While you can do a digital detox without needing to travel a hundred miles away from home, the process is significantly better and more doable when you do it on vacation.


These are the ways to prepare yourself for a digital detox during your Bali yoga retreat:

  • Accept – To succeed in this endeavor, you must admit to yourself that you need to take a break from answering calls and responding to the never-ending notifications that pop up on your mobile phone.

Yoga can help you learn techniques on what you can do to resist the urge of opening and bingeing on work-related emails or social media. It’s crucial to exercise mindfulness in your everyday dealings with people as well as gadgets.

  • Plan – It’s not enough to say that you’ll be going on a digital detox. You should have an idea of the specific things you can do to occupy your time during the retreat when you don’t have yoga classes or workshops to attend.
  • Inform – Since you’ll be going to a foreign country for an extended period, you should let your family and friends know that you’ll be doing a digital detox in a yoga retreat so that they won’t worry about your safety during the span of your trip.
  • Disconnect – Once you’re in the resort and have informed your loved ones about your arrival, go right ahead and turn off your phone and your laptop. Don’t hesitate to pull the plug and enjoy your time at this rare and luxurious retreat without the constant distraction.

 Get Your Much-Needed “Me” Time

Similar to a digital detox, yoga retreats can provide you with that much-needed “me” time, away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Sometimes, you want to fully get away from it all and pamper yourself with some self-love. Do all the things you enjoy and embark on the adventures that you’ve always wanted to go to during this much-needed vacation so that you won’t have regrets once you return to your routine back home.

Plan Your Future

One of the advantages of meditation is allowing you to take a step back and get an objective view of all the aspects of your life, from your personal relationships to your job.

This awareness can give you insight into what your future would be like if you continued on that path and whether you are content with where it’s going. In contrast, it can spur you into action and do what you can to alter your destiny.

Achieve Healing

The beauty of yoga lies in enabling your body to heal itself. It’s both a workout and therapy, which involves your mind and body.

According to some research, this meditative practice can produce considerable changes in the body, even at the most fundamental level through peripheral blood mononuclear cells, which play a significant role in the function and regulation of the immune system and other vital body processes.



A Bali yoga retreat hits two birds with one stone. You get to improve your meditation skills and the opportunity to have that much-needed break from the stressors of your life, like work and even some personal relationships.

Traveling to a tropical island allows you to connect with Mother Nature and enjoy her wonders. Plus, you give yourself time to physically, mentally and emotionally recuperate as you prepare to go back to your regular lifestyle.


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