This Is How To Silence Your Inner Critic


Guest post by Ashley Reign

We've all been there. You're training at the gym or practicing on your heavy bag in the garage. Even as you were gloving up, you promised yourself you were about to have a next-level workout and, for the most part, you’ve been killing it.

Then out of nowhere, that negative voice shows up in your head with all the bravado of your drunk Uncle Herb at a family reunion. “You’re going to be so sore tomorrow if you keep this up,” it says. “Throw in the towel and let’s go eat some chips,” it says.

Before you know it, you're concentrating more on whether or not it has a point than on your workout. That voice and its countless excuses belong to something I’ve come to call your “inner critic.”

The bad news is that we all have an inner critic that’s constantly out to keep us from achieving our goals. The good news is that it’s...

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5 BEST Pre Fight Movies To Watch To Get Inspired


By Evan Lee

Many athletes when they want to get hyped listen to music. Michael Phelps famously listens to some Eminem and specifically “Lose Yourself” before his competitions.

But what about movies? They can definitely provide the same inspirational jolt!

Here's the thing about movies that’s better than music: the effect is far longer-lasting and they can do much more than hype you up. Films can even give you great goals and dreams to strive towards. We’ve no doubt all heard amazing stories of sports icons and been inspired by them. How many people were inspired to do martial arts after seeing Royce Gracie strangle his way to victory?

A film can create the same inspiration. Just look at how many astronauts and space entrepreneurs were inspired to move into those careers because of something like Star Trek

That is the power of not just film but storytelling. Now, it is of course vital to...

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