5 BEST Pre Fight Movies To Watch To Get Inspired


By Evan Lee

Many athletes when they want to get hyped listen to music. Michael Phelps famously listens to some Eminem and specifically “Lose Yourself” before his competitions.

But what about movies? They can definitely provide the same inspirational jolt!

Here's the thing about movies that’s better than music: the effect is far longer-lasting and they can do much more than hype you up. Films can even give you great goals and dreams to strive towards. We’ve no doubt all heard amazing stories of sports icons and been inspired by them. How many people were inspired to do martial arts after seeing Royce Gracie strangle his way to victory?

A film can create the same inspiration. Just look at how many astronauts and space entrepreneurs were inspired to move into those careers because of something like Star Trek

That is the power of not just film but storytelling. Now, it is of course vital to understand the technical aspects of Muay Thai, but the mind is just as important. Discipline is a very powerful force that can keep you going back to the gym, but why just rely on discipline when you could have more? You can use films to keep yourself inspired and to remind yourself of the goal you desire.

It's crucial to remind yourself of this because that desire fades just as a burning, “butterflies in your stomach” love for someone fades. When you have to endure grueling training day in and day out, have to constantly monitor your diet, work on improving yourself, etc., it can be easy to forget why you fell in love with this sport to begin with. Films and storytelling can reignite that fire.

Now, let's get to the main event: 5 pre-fight movies for you to watch to get inspired: 

5 BEST Pre Fight Movies To Watch To Get Inspired

MY Favorite Films List?! Well, If You Insist...

The man with the magnificent beard just recommended his favorite five films by which to get PUMPED UP. Now, admittedly, I am without a beard, but I have some great, inspirational film recos for you, too!

The first is not one film but three: the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The epic battles should be reason enough for you to get hyped by this, yet there is more. The story itself is about how anyone can create a meaningful impact in the world no matter how small they may be. Sounds pretty powerful to me. 

The second film on my mind is Rush. It’s a true story about a legendary Formula-1 rivalry between the cold and calculating mind of Niki Lauda and the risk-taking, “live on the edge” spirit of James Hunt. If you want a story about rivals bringing out the best in each other, you can’t do better than this. 

For my final recommendation, I present to you… The Raid directed by Gareth Evans. All I need to say about it is that I believe it is the greatest martial arts film of all time. I would use more words to describe it, but they would fail. Just YouTube any fight scene from that film and get blown away. 

Now go watch those films, get hyped, and go blow your competition away.

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