10-Minute Muay Thai Kick Workout For Heavy Bag


By Evan Lee

Aside from working on your basic combinations, it is also important to work on certain areas specifically during your punching workouts, kicking workouts, and so on.

Today we will be covering kicks specifically, which may not be fun if you like punching, but it should be. Kicks and punches have a synergy like no other. Just think of all the great Dutch fighters, like Rob Kaman, Ernesto Hoost, Ramon Dekkers, etc. They all mix their kicks and punches incredibly well together. They use kicks to open opportunities for punches and punches to open up opportunities for kicks.

Let’s look at Ernesto Hoost for example. He made the 1-2 and liver shot to low kick synonymous with the Dutch style. By forcing his opponents to commit their weight in order to defend against Hoost’s punches, they were unable to pick up their legs to check kicks. Likewise, when your leg is being kicked out from under you, you hardly...

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5 Muay Thai Drills For The Heavy Bag


By Sean Fagan

The heavy bag is undoubtedly an important piece of training equipment.

Heavy bag drills not only build up endurance and strength but hone technique and help one develop and perfect combinations.

There are many useful exercises, but here is a selection of five to experiment with during the next training session.

WATCH: Best Beginner Heavy Bag Drills For MMA, Muay Thai & Kickboxing

#1: 100 Push Kicks/Teeps

Focus on accuracy and control.

When you kick, time each one with the backswing of the bag so that you fall into a rhythm. View the bag as an opponent: don’t let it gain the advantage and follow-up each kick with another before the bag can swing back.

Keep your kicks sharp and quick during each rep. Try to land each one in the same spot so that the bag swings back and forth rather than all over the place.

Alternate your stance after each rep. Take your time between reps if you need to, but maintain...

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6 Heavy Bag Combos For Muay Thai

Six Hard Rounds With One Heavy Bag

If you’re anything like me, you’ll wander over to the heavy bag at the gym, hit it for a period of about 30 seconds, throw a couple kicks and knees… then wander for a bit more, talk to some people, and then go back to it.

If you’ve done that exact thing, then your problem is clear: you haven’t got a clear structure in mind for the heavy bag. That’s why today I’ve got a brilliant routine that’ll sharpen up all of your skills.

This routine is great for beginners and experienced fighters as it’s longer than typical Muay Thai bag workouts. Rather than hitting the bag for three rounds of three minutes, we’ll be doing six rounds of three minutes. The longest Muay Thai fights are five rounds, and this workout will give you that little push to go even further than that.

Let’s begin.

(Scroll to the bottom for follow along heavy bag workouts for Muay Thai)

Round 1" ...

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