Three High Percentage Setups For Beginners


By Daniel Nguyen

Long, successful combos can be aesthetically pleasing to watch, whether devastating or defended.

They do indeed show technical prowess, however, long and complex will not always be equivalent to successful.

What makes a combination truly lethal is the ability for it to be practical, effective, and efficient. This is why we see many of the pro fighters opt to use shorter combos to set up the bigger kill shots. Sometimes just keeping it simple is the best way to approach a fight.

Let’s take a look at some of the short combinations that are often emphasized in beginner classes, plus the pros who have utilized them due to their high probability of success.

Jab -> Rear Power Kick

Most fighters have used this basic combination at some point in the ring.

The quick delivery, finish and recovery of the sequence makes this an extremely high-landing combo. The two-hit combination has two distinct functions:

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6 Muay Thai Low Kick Setup Techniques

Advanced Muay Thai Techniques

How To Set Up The Low Kick

The Muay Thai low kick is a crucial technique that helps limit your opponents movement and deliver some serious damage, which could eventually lead to a fight stoppage.

As you progress as a nak muay, you need to learn how to set up certain low kick techniques so you are able to land them without the risk of getting them checked or blocked.

Take a look at these 6 Muay Thai low kick techniques and try adding some of them to your bag of tricks.

6 Muay Thai Low Kick Setup Techniques

Here are the 6 muay thai techniques you’ll find in the tutorial video:

  1. Fake and Drag – Fake a low kick by turning your hip slightly and dragging your back foot. This will ideally draw your opponent’s leg up to try to check your attack. Once they plant their foot back down, that’s when you throw the low kick.
  2. Stiff Arm – Use a stiff arm or a long guard to drive your opponent back. As your opponent steps...
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