How Can I Train Without My Gym?


By Emily Moore

As I’m writing this article, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing gyms the world over to temporarily close. Your gym may have recently cancelled its classes, leaving you wondering, “how am I going to train?” or “am I going to lose all my progress?”

This is not the first time that I’ve had zero access to a gym. Heck, it probably won’t be the last! Training in Muay Thai, as in any sport, is a journey that will sometimes require you to hit the “pause” button, whether you want to or not.

For instance, you may find yourself in dire financial straits. You may move to a new town that has no gym. You may even find yourself in the middle of a pandemic that requires every gym near you to close (!!!).

Whatever the situation, fear not. Here are some strategies to ensure that you can keep up your training until you can get back to the gym:

The Game Plan is Key

When you had...

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Your Guide To Training Muay Thai At Home

Introduction To Principles, Analyses & Self-Education

By Sean Fagan

For many souls, the gym is our home away from home. But what if our home was our gym…wouldn’t that be nice?

This post is going to go over training in any environment, with minimal equipment, no partners and only your body.

The hope is that this post will challenge you to embrace positive constraints. That may sound like an oxymoron, but one ought to run with the understanding that there are times where it’s better to find the right box to think in than trying to think outside the box.

A proper set of constraints forces you into a position where thinking laterally is the only option.

This post encourages you to ask questions such as:

How would I be training if I had no sparring partners available to me?”
“How would I train punching power without a heavybag or mitt work?”,
“How could I emulate the conditions of a fight with no tools?”


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