3 Southpaw KO Combinations For Muay Thai


Most of the people in the world are right-handed. If you're a southpaw Muay Thai fighter, things can get kind of lonely.

Most people you fight will be fighting out of the orthodox stance. Same goes for your sparring partners. Odds are, too, that your coaches are orthodox fighters, as well as the most popular fighters at any given time.

So what’s a southpaw to do when there are so few teachers out there from which to learn? 

Fighting southpaws and specifically fighting in the open stance (orthodox vs southpaw) is significantly different to fighting in the closed stance (orthodox vs orthodox or southpaw vs southpaw). The openings that are available are completely different, so you need the proper techniques, tactics, and strategies to cope with that difference.

Here are 3 southpaw KO combos to aid you in the gym and in a fight: 

3 Southpaw KO Combinations for Muay Thai


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The Muay Thai Guys Are BACK AGAIN!


By Sean Fagan

Times are wild right now. For example, they're getting SO crazy that all types of animals are coming out and flooding out into the open. If you’ve seen that video of all the monkeys running out onto the road because there’s no tourists to feed them, you know what I’m talking about. 

But even with all that craziness, Paul and I are here to try and help you find a silver lining and find a way to make sure that you’re still progressing towards your goals despite what’s happening. Times are tough, but you can be tougher! 

If you can take advantage of this horrible situation and turn it into a positive, just think about all the problems in the future that you’ll be able to turn into a positive! If you can deal with this, you can deal with the rest.

With that being said, I hope that Paul and I are able to give you some good advice that you can apply to your life and help keep you strong...

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Is Having Sex Before a Fight a Good or Bad Idea?

As a Muay Thai fighter and athlete, sex is a byproduct of the training you do.

Hours of long training leaves you with an irresistible body, fight posters are sexualizing your physique, and the glory of winning is as good as having a Lamborghini.  However, there comes a time where you have to take things seriously, a fight is coming up and you want to be at peak performance, both physically and mentally.  Whether you are a male or female, the question arises…

Is sex before a Muay Thai fight okay?

Or does it hinder my performance?

Let’s take a more serious, deephard look into whether the century old idea of sex before competition is detrimental to our game.

Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time, mentioned how he abstains from sex before competition. There have been a number of fighters and athletes to make the same statement, mainly based on the idea that we want peak performance before competition.

Supposedly sex before a fight...

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