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By Liz Gaschler

muay thai costa rica retreat vacation travelAfter a two-year hiatus, my first semester back as an undergraduate was far from painless. Having recently returned from traveling Southeast Asia, I needed to get back in shape.

Body-image is a constant battle for me and somehow life always seems to get in the way of my diet, exercise routine and motivation… I’m sure you could relate in one way or another, right?

Whether you’re hustling at your job and working long hours or you get overwhelmed with the endless to-do list, it can be extremely hard to focus solely on your health and well-being.

By the time March came around this year I was ready to celebrate spring-break with a vacation, but I was NOT ready to hop in my bikini just yet. I had to do something that would help me lose the weight and get back into shape..

… and that’s when I made the decision to take a Muay Thai retreat!

Now I’ve been fortunate enough to train with Muay Thai professionals in Thailand, but I’m not as dedicated to the practice as I would like to be. I had a small foundation of basic kicking and punching techniques and that was more than enough to attend a retreat with The Muay Thai Guy! (He’s going to love that I wrote that.)

Needless to say, I left the retreat feeling strong and refreshed — just in time to finish my semester.

When you go to the Jungle’s Edge Resort to one of Sean’s retreats, you can expect a fun packed vacation. Besides training twice a day, you’ll also get to participate in surf and yoga lessons, take group beach trips, have (healthy) pool parties and much more!

muay thai surf retreat costa rica travel


Come home in the best shape of your life!

You’ll learn about the art of eight limbs while having tons of fun with other practitioners from all over the world. On top of that, Sean’s teaching style is very unique and he does a great job at making sure everyone (regardless of experience level) is learning, improving and having fun during their stay.

By taking a vacation where you’ll be getting in great shape by training Muay Thai twice a day, you’ll create the momentum you need to come home with the right mindset and healthy habits.

Here’s some reasons why this retreat is for you:

aileentestYou Create Your Limits

You can do it fast-paced with Sean or you can keep it light and focus on building your skills and sharpening your technique.

Sean will push your limits but is also very aware of the groups energy levels throughout the retreat… plus he knows how to keep the training sessions fun and interactive too!

Besides the training, you’ll have plenty of down time to rest, relax and explore the beautiful surrounds in Nosara. Whether it’s catching up on a book poolside or taking a group beach trip, you’ll be happy when you enjoy your well-earned down time.

You’ll Detox Without Even Realizing

Try Yoga with me at Sean's next retreat!


Jungle’s Edge Resort fuels you with the freshest and tastiest meals from local farms. This Costa Rican buffet style meal plan is designed to make sure everyone has plenty to eat so that you are fueled up for the next training session. Add in some freshly made juices or smoothies and your body will have the nutrients it needs to recover and re-energize!

Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore you’ll find yourself ecstatically waiting for a friendly face to shout, “Foooood!”

To me, a ‘normal’ vacation is the most boring thing ever.
Instead of binge eating unhealthy foods, we are served delicious organic, local Costa Rica cuisine.
Instead of relaxing the entire day, we EARN our down time by mixing in Muay Thai training, yoga sessions and other forms of exercise.”
– Sean Fagan

You’ll be having so much fun working with like-minded people, you will reap the benefits of a “working” vacation.

Treat yourself with new company, fresh food, a refreshed body (and mind) and come take a vacation experience you’ll never forget!

Nak Muay Nation & The Muay Thai Guy return to Costa Rica in January 2021! Check out this retreat and others @ www.MuayThaiRetreat.com

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