How To Increase Punching Power For Muay Thai

The Best Exercises & Workouts To Develop KO Power In Your Hands

Want to increase punching power?

Want to learn how to punch hard so you can land the perfect knock out punch the next time you fight?

Want to know the best tips and great exercises that are sure to help you improve your punching power?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, scroll down to find great boxing, mma and Muay Thai training tips and the best explosive exercises to increase punching power!

Top 5 Exercises To Punch Harder

Explosive Pushups 

Plyometric exercises like explosive pushups are sure to help you increase your power punching. An explosive pushup is very similar to a regular pushup except you are pushing yourself off the ground as high as you can.To make it even more of a challenge, try doing explosive push ups like the guy to the right!

Clean and Press 

This full body power lifting exercise helps increase the power and explosiveness of your entire body.There is no way this olympic exercise won’t help you punch harder. This full body explosive movement involves your legs, back, chest, arms and abs, which are all essential to increase punching power.

Weighted Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing in general is a great way to add power, and speed while improving your technique… but add anywhere from a 1lb to a 5lb dumbbell and you will feel the difference in your hand speed no time.If you have a weighted vest, weighted ankle supports or weighted boxing gloves then definitely use those in your shadowboxing!


Slamming a tire with a sledgehammer seems like a pretty mindless exercises but it is one of the best exercises if you want to learn how to punch hard.

Like the clean and press, this exercise is a full body movement that puts a major focus on the torque of your body. The more torque you can get out of your hips and abs the harder and more powerful your punches will be!

Alternating Dumbbell Press

I love finishing workouts with a burn out of alternating dumbbell presses.Unlike a normal alternating dumbbell press I use my hips and abs to twist my body as I press the dumbbells upwards… this basically makes it a punching motion.

Hand Speed Workout Drill For Boxing and Muay Thai

5 Muay Thai Training Tips To Improve Punching Power

#1. Spar!

Although lifting weights and doing explosive movements will help you learn how to punch hard, there is no substitute for actual time punching someone in the head.

Learning what combinations, angles and methods of timing help you land an accurate punch will ultimately help you improve your punching power more than any type of weight lifting.

#2. Hit The Heavy Bag!

You can never go wrong with working on technique and power by hitting the heavy bag. People are always looking for the best exercises to increase punching power but never actually do the most obvious ones… like practicing punching!

The better your punching technique the more likely you will increase punching power!


#3. Isometric Holds

Make a fist and push it into the wall like you’re throwing a punch that’s stuck. Give full effort for a short period of time (10 seconds) and then repeat on the other side. 15 reps and 3 sets per arm should be perfect.

This type of isometric training will help your body learn how to store energy which in turn will help you punch harder!

Caution: This technique is proven to spike blood pressure levels, so learning proper meditative technique will help you focus your mind and keep your blood pressure at a stable level.

#4. Plyometric (Explosive) Exercises

Clap pushups, medicine ball throws, box jumps and other plyometric exercises are great ways to add explosive strength and power to all of your strikes.

Learn as many plyometric exercises as you can and begin implementing them into your boxing, mma or muay thai training!

#5. Calisthenics (Body Weight Exercises)

Think about it this way. If you compete, chances are you are going to be competing against someone in the same weight class as you, so what better way to get a strength and power advantage than to do body weight exercises?

Pushups, pullups, dips, squats, and other calisthenics should be a major part of your boxing, mma or muay thai training routine!

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