Shadow Boxing: 5 Unexpected Benefits You Never Knew About

By Sean Fagan

Do you find yourself getting bored with your standard Muay Thai workout routine? Are you looking for new ways to challenge yourself and improve your skills? If so, you may want to try incorporating shadow boxing into your routine.

Shadow boxing is a technique that involves practicing your moves in front of a mirror or imaginary opponent. Although it may seem like just another drill, shadow boxing actually has many amazing benefits that you may not have even known about. Here are just a few:

  1. Improved Technique

One of the most significant benefits of Muay Thai shadow boxing is that it helps you to improve your technique. When you’re practicing your moves in front of a mirror, you’re able to see every detail of your technique and adjust accordingly. This allows you to correct any mistakes you may be making and fine-tune your technique to perfection.

  1. Increased Speed and Stamina

Shadow boxing is great for building speed and stamina. When...

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10 Muay Thai Shadowboxing Drills for Beginners


By Evan Lee

Beginners may be confused by shadowboxing and not understand the purpose of it. I’m here to change that. 

Shadowboxing is used often at the beginning of a training session. It is a fantastic way to get the body warmed up and ready for the training to come.

Furthermore, it is also a way to get your mind warmed up. In fighting and in sports in general, your mental preparations and skills are just as important as your physical ones. If you’re not mentally focused, you will not be able to play to your physical capabilities. Think about athletes who choke when the pressure’s on. Failing to do something they’ve drilled a million times before because they lose focus. Shadowboxing is an opportunity for you to think about and focus on the training that you have ahead and to build focus itself. 

But shadowboxing isn’t just a great mental and physical warm...

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