How NOT To Muay Thai Kick: 8 Common Roundhouse Kick Mistakes


The roundhouse kick is arguably the second most common and second most important kick you will ever learn in Muay Thai, with numero uno being the teep.

Before we go into all the mistakes it is possible to make when throwing the roundhouse kick, you must first understand why the roundhouse kick is even more important in Muay Thai than in MMA or even kickboxing. 

In Thai stadium scoring, kicks and knees are scored higher than punches. Not only that, a “block” with the arms (like the double forearm block) does not count as a block.

If you’ve ever been kicked hard in the arms by a true nak muay, you know why… because it still hurts. 

Aside from that, there is another reason you should be spending more time trying to master your roundhouse kick. It is the most powerful tool you have to land a knockout.

You may have trouble knocking people out with punches, but you will not have trouble...

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How To Throw Muay Thai Kicks with Flexibility & Power

Learning to Deliver the Most Powerful Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

muay thai roundhouse kickStrikes like the Muay Thai roundhouse kick are the reason this martial art has grown so popular today. As one of the most popularly used Muay Thai techniques, the roundhouse kick, when delivered flawlessly, can topple even the strongest opponent.

This, of course, is no simple task. Fighters must practice this technique “a lot” (indeed, this is a huge understatement) before developing a polished roundhouse kick. It may take months to even years.

Flexibility and power are the two most important factors to learning and executing Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. Many believe frequent stretching to be sufficient for developing flexibility. Wrong. Standard stretching alone won’t make you flexible enough for the Muay Thai roundhouse kick.

So, how do we develop the flexibility needed to deliver fast, powerful Muay Thai roundhouse kicks?

Stretch technically. This technique should extend to three most important...

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