7 Muay Thai Techniques & Sparring With Namsaknoi


If you are unable to train yourself, one of the best things you can do is study the greatest fighters that there have ever been in order to figure out why they were among the greatest of all time.

Or if you’re extremely lucky, you could train with those that are among the greatest of all time so you can get all the information right from the source. 

Our very own Sean Fagan is one of these lucky guys.

In this video, he is training with the legendary Namsaknoi, also known as “The Emperor.”

Namsaknoi is a three-time Lumpinee champion across three different weight classes (112 lbs., 130 lbs., and 135 lbs.). He holds a record of 280 wins, and just 15 losses, and 5 draws.  He went unbeaten as the 135 lbs. champion for six years.

The Emperor has beaten the likes of Lamnamoon, a legendary clinch fighter; Samkor, a legendary kicker and one of the hardest kickers of all time; and Saenchai, who needs...

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