How to KO & Break Legs with Leg Kicks


The leg kick, at first glance, does not appear to be a particularly devastating strike.

After all, what damage could the largest and most powerful limbs in the human body possibly do? Turns out... it's a lot.

Our legs are strong because they are the tools on which we rely to keep our body up. However, someone else can use their legs to hurt our legs, which disrupts our rhythm and ability to fight.

Today, we will be talking all about the leg kick, and by the end of this, you should have quite a few tips that will allow you to slice 'n dice your opponent’s legs.

First, we must understand how to throw the low kick. Before we get into that, understand this: as Sean shows in this video, there are many different types of low kicks. Understand that there are many ways to throw all kinds of techniques, be they kicks, punches, knees, or elbows.

The type of technique you throw will depend on the given...

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How To Set Up The Liver Punch KO

The Liver Shot – Muay Thai Technique Tutorial

The liver shot is can absolutely CRIPPLE your opponent if you set it up and place properly. The human body can’t help but react when it gets pummeled to the liver… it’s a horrible, painful feeling.

Kickboxing legend Ernesto Hoost is known for his signature liver punch technique followed by a brutal low kick. Watching how much power and force he puts into each and every liver punch is INSANE. Even when his opponents were aware of his powerful liver punch, he would find ways to open up his opponents guard with setups like the one in the technique video below.

Learn how to set up a liver punch like Ernesto Hoost so you can KO your opponents or drop your sparring partners to their knees!

Do you know an even MORE brutal shot to take to the body?

Well, if you’re a Muay Thai guy (or girl) then you should know about the power behind a Muay thai roundhouse...

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