5 Muay Thai Pad Work Combinations

By Sean Fagan

Muay Thai pad work: the essential conditioning tool for fighters and enthusiasts alike. Not only does it hone your technique and improve your striking power, but it also helps you work on your timing and agility. To capitalize on all these benefits, it's vital to include a range of different combinations throughout your pad work sessions. Here are some of the best Muay Thai combinations to use during your pad work.

  1. Jab, cross, hook, low kick

The jab, cross, hook, low kick (as well as its reverse counterpart: jab, cross, hook, body kick) is the quintessential go-to combination for any Muay Thai fighter worth their salt. It's a simple yet effective one that can be easily tweaked according to your opponent's movements. It's also great for honing your technique, particularly your footwork, weight shifting, and timing.

  1. Jab, cross, lead elbow, low kick

Elbow strikes are one of the most feared and effective weapons in Muay Thai. Combining the lead elbow with a jab,...

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