3 Pieces Of Useless Advice Given To Fighters

Fighters are given unwanted advice all the time, so much so that it could disrupt training and shake your self-confidence. . . 


“So, when’s your next fight? Do you know when you’re fighting next? When do you fight again?”

People just love asking fighters this question. Unknown to them, though, is the pressure they’re putting on the fighter! When you’re lucky enough to have been put on an upcoming card, that’s when you let people know. Usually, what follows after are pieces of advice, especially during training.

While most of it is coming from a good place, a lot of advice is pretty unfounded – and unnecessary, especially if you didn’t ask for it. Here are the top three (or maybe it should be “bottom three”) pieces of unwanted advice that fighters receive.

UNWANTED ADVICE #1: “Knock ’em out!”

KO’s are...

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