Chat With ONE FC Fighter "Killer Bee" Bi Nguyen


By Sean Fagan 

In this episode of the Muay Thai Guys podcast, pro MMA fighter Bi Nguyen sits down with the Muay Thai Guys, Paul and I to chat about her fight journey so far! 

What I love most about fighting is all the beautiful people I get to meet along the way. I’ve been able to travel all over the world, visiting countries like Greece, Costa Rica, Spain, and many others, and meeting all types of amazing people who inspire me to keep working harder and doing more and reminding me of what a privilege this is that I get to do this. 

And today we’re getting to know someone who fighters under the ONE FC banner: it's “Killer Bee” Bi Nguyen, my friends! Let’s get into it. 

We talk about: 

    • What life was like for Nguyen growing up in the US as a Vietnamese immigrant;
    • How "Curly Sue" and "Heartbreak Hotel" taught Nguyen English; 
    • The progression of Nguyen’s career and martial arts life;
    • How tournaments and fighting three times a night toughened Nguyen;
    • Having to confront institutionalized sexism;
    • And much, much more...

LIVE chat with ONE FC fighter "Killer Bee" Bi Nguyen!

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