Muay Thai Tattoos and Meanings


By Sean Fagan

Ever wonder what the sak yant Muay Thai tattoos mean?

The meanings and spiritual powers of sak yant thai tattoos like the 5 lines, the tiger and hanuman are meant to give Muay Thai fighters protection, good luck, success, and other desirable attributes.

All sak yant Muay Thai tattoos are traditionally done by practicing Buddhist monks with bamboo needles. Using single bamboo needles takes much longer and is more painful than newer tattoo guns they use in most shops.

It’s bad luck if you get a sak yant Thai tattoo done by someone who is not a Buddhist monk and doesn’t use a bamboo stick. Plus, the bearer of the fake sak yant won’t be blessed with the supernatural or sacred powers it supposedly possesses. To get the full spiritual effect of any of Muay Thai tattoo, you must get it done the right way.

Sak Yant Muay Thai Tattoos and Meanings

Hah Taew

(5 Sacred Lines)

One of the more popular of the sak yant Thai tattoos is the Hah Taew, or 5 sacred lines.

Each of the 5 lines can carry different sacred meanings depending on the variation of the asian tattoo art.

Typically the lines will help bestow the receiver with success in all aspects of life, charm, loving kindness, good luck and protection from evil spirits.


(Hindu Monkey God)

hanuman muay thai tattoo sak yant meanings designs

One of the most popular tattoos among Muay Thai fighters is Hanuman.

The belief is that the bearer will gain the benefits of bravery and courage.

Hanuman is worshiped by many people as a symbol of strength, perseverance, and devotion.


Gao Yord
(9 Spires)


Usually tattooed at the nape of the neck, the 9 spires is a geometric design that represents the 9 sacred peaks of  Mt.  Meru and also contains symbolism of the Buddha with the 3 ovals one above another.

The bearer of the sak yant tattoo of 9 Gao Yord is blessed with protection from evil spirits and good luck.


Tiger Yant
(Tiger Tattoo Meaning)

muay thai tiger tattoo designs meaning sak yant

The tiger symbolizes strength and power… nothing gets in the way of the Tiger due to its fearlessness and   strength.

Not only will it help bring strength, power and fearlessness to its bearer, but it will also help drive away evil spirits too. 



(Hindu Elephant God)

ganesh hindu elephant god sak yant muay thai tattoo

You’ve probably seen Ganesh before, he’s the Hindu god with an elephant head.

His popularity is due to his ability to remove obstacles and because he is known as the Lord of Beginnings and therefore chosen by people who are beginning a new chapter to their life.


Other Sak Yant Designs and Tattoo Meanings

There are a lot of different sak yant tattoos that people get for different reasons. If you’re interested in other sak yant tattoos and meanings, then just check them out at!

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