Muay Thai Is Better With Friends


By Sean Fagan

Think about your favorite hobby, whatever it is… OK, I mean your #2 hobby after Muay Thai! Maybe you’re into skydiving, or crocheting, or bodybuilding, or trading stamps, or WHATEVER!

Now think about doing that hobby with a friend. Not just any friend, but a like-minded friend… a supportive friend… a friend who is just as passionate as you are about collecting Pogs, or painting landscapes, or fixing up old furniture. Isn’t it better with a friend like that? Doesn’t your hobby go from a “great” to a “WOW!” with a buddy who is just as into it as you are??

That philosophy is at the heart of every single Nak Muay Nation retreat or camp. In the time that we’ve been setting up these excursions, I can’t tell you how many of our attendees have left with phone numbers, emails and Facebook info from the people they met just a few weeks before. I can’t tell you how many past attendees have come back for a second or third time with a friend or friends. This is more than just a chance to sharpen up your Muay Thai–this is a social adventure for like-minded, equally passionate nak muay.

If you find that your friends just don’t “get” how you feel about Muay Thai (maybe because they are just way too busy with their Pogs), then come make some new friends for life with Nak Muay Nation.

 If you feel that passion for Muay Thai so much that you want to share it with others… click here and sign up for more information today!

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