Making Fight Dreams A Reality


By Evan Lee

“What’s it like fighting Muay Thai in Thailand?”

I get asked this question a lot, particularly from family and friends who just don’t quite “get” the difference. Fighting back home, where you’re comfortable and surrounded by love and support, is a lot different than fighting in Thailand– birthplace of the sport and home to the best nak muay in the world. Even the dude who delivered your pizza in Bangkok last night could (and would, for the right amount of baht) whoop your ass. Having your first fight in Thailand is a mountain to climb, my friends.

But check this out: imagine having your first fight in Thailand surrounded by well-wishers and team members; imagine having legitimate Muay Thai training in the weeks leading up to this fight; and imagine feeling more ready, more confident, and more pumped than ever to bang in the middle of that ring. Like Gage in the video below, your expectations of your dream — fighting in the home of Muay Thai — may be absolutely blown away by the reality. The reality is that with a proper, supportive camp, you can jump into training fresh off a plane and be feeling and moving like Saenchai two weeks later in your very first bona-fide Thai fight. How fucking ridiculous is that??

If you’ve given this dream more pensive thought than it demands over the years, then maybe it’s time you make 2019 the year you conquer it once and for all. Watch below and see what a Thailand Muay Thai Fight Camp is all about.

Thailand Muay Thai Fight Camp: Gage’s 1st Fight in Thailand

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