5×5 Circuit Workout for Strength & Endurance


By Sean Fagan

To be a complete badass, you need to be performing solid workouts that will target power, strength, muscular endurance, cardio, abs and core, explosiveness, and mental toughness. Sound tough? Too bad. Time to work your ass off!

Welcome to The Funk and Flex MMA 5×5 Station Circuit – By Funk Roberts

This strength and conditioning workout is ideal for fighters, but also anyone looking for all-round fitness. If you want to be ready for anything life throws at you, this is your workout. That’s why this method of training is also ideal for those in the military.

This circuit is called the 5×5 Station Circuit because it involves making your way through five stations, in five minutes each. Pretty simple. At each station, you go through the listed exercises one after the other. You keep performing these exercises in rotation for five minutes, and then you move on to the next station.

Sounds simple enough… but wait until you try it.


Before we get started, you should perform a thorough warm-up. This workout is no joke, and you need to get your blood pumping before we start to minimize your risk of injury.

Warm Dynamic Stretch Routine 


Here’s what you’ll need for this workout:

  • Gymboss Timer
  • Stability Ball
  • Bosu Ball
  • Med Ball (Slam Ball)
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell

Workout tip: Set up all of your stations in a convenient way before you start you workout. This will keep the workout flowing smoothly. The last thing you want is to have to go and look for a piece of equipment when in the middle of your session.

Station #1 – Strength and Power

This station will train your strength and explosive power. Perform 7 reps of each exercise, in rotation, for five minutes. You can rest breaks as you need them, but you should aim to get through all of the exercises in the five minutes.

  1. Barbell deadlift – 135 lbs
  2. Dumbbell step-ups – 25 lbs
  3. Chin-ups – bodyweight
  4. Plate deep squats – 45 lbs
  5. Dumbbell push-press – 35 lbs

Station #2 – Bosu Ball

This station will train your muscular endurance and explosiveness using plyometric training. Go through each of the exercises, performing each one for 30 seconds before moving on to the next. Again, take a breather if you need it, but try to get in as many reps as you can in the five minutes.

  1. Side-to-side plyo push-ups
  2. Plyo side-to-side crossover
  3. Plank explosive pop-up push-ups
  4. Bosu jump squats
  5. Plank clinch knees

Station #3 – Abs and Core

Core strength is crucial to all round fitness. It’s what holds everything together. This station is the same again – 30 seconds on each exercise, in order, for five minutes.

  1. Stacked leg raises
  2. Bench side plank reach-unders
  3. Lying abs hip thrusts
  4. Bosu clinch plank
  5. Flutter kicks

Station #4 – Burpee Complex

This station is brutal, and will train cardio and full-body muscular endurance. This station is performed in the same way as station #2. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, one after the other, for five minutes.

  1. Push launch burpees
  2. Side-to-side jump burpees
  3. Alternating kick thur burpees
  4. Chest to ground rotating burpees
  5. Side burpees

Station #5 – Minute Drill

This is the last station, and if you’re not feeling it yet, you will soon. This station will attack your cardio. Perform each exercise for one minute before moving on to the next. See how many reps you can get for each exercise. Push yourself!

  1. Sprawls
  2. Running high knees and dumbbell press
  3. Speed push-ups
  4. Jumping lunges
  5. Med Ball slams

Now that you’re done, make sure to do some post-workout stretches:

And that’s it! You made it through the 5×5 Station Circuit.

Remember that no one exercise program or philosophy fits everyone. Although this strength and conditioning workout circuit is a great way to include multiple exercises that are beneficial to someone looking for all-round fitness, we all have different focuses that we want to address in our training.

You’ll have to make your own adjustments based on your own personal strengths and weaknesses, but this workout will give you great all-round fitness!

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