3 Saenchai Muay Thai Techniques


By Sean Fagan

It was an absolute honor getting cartwheel kicked in the head by the great Saenchai.

Having a living legend and best pound-for-pound fighter hold a seminar at our Nak Muay Nation Training Camp was one of the MANY amazing highlights of the camp. Besides learning some of Saenchai’s favorite Muay Thai techniques, a handful of us (including myself) had the opportunity to do some light sparring with him too… which was epic!

Take a look at some of the seminar footage which includes my sparring round with him as well as 3 of his favorite Muay Thai techniques:

3 Saenchai Muay Thai Techniques


Saenchai Technique #1: Fake Roundhouse To Teep

Saenchai is known for his tricky kicking techniques so we were all pretty excited when he was showing us things like the fake roundhouse to teep. A major aspect of this technique is having the hip dexterity to start in the trajectory of a roundhouse and then whip your leg in to land a teep. It is NOT a basic/easy technique to perform so it will obviously take some practice to get right!

Saencha Technique #2: Jumping Switch Teep

Another kicking technique that Saenchai uses often is the jumping switch teep. He uses it in two main ways: 1) To drive the teep into his opponents chest or 2) Use the teep more as an axe kick to batter his opponents face. Try both variations for maximum results!

Saenchai Technique #3: Fake Low Kick to High Kick

The hip dexterity and flexibility of Saenchai is hard to match, but if you’re capable of these types of advanced kicking techniques then you should by all means give it a go!

It’s important to set up the high kick by repeatedly pounding your opponents leg. From there throw another kick that starts off in the direction of a low kick and then suddenly shifts into a high kick using more of a ‘snapping’ motion.

After the seminar, Saenchai was cool enough to do a Q&A session where we got to ask him any questions that we had. He answered who his toughest farang opponents were (Liam Harrison and Fabio Pinca) as well as simpler things like where he locks his eyes on when he fights (hip area).

All I know is that I have a blast learning from one of the greatest in the game today!

Nak Muay Nation – Thailand Training Camp

The training at the first-ever Nak Muay Nation Training Camp at Khongsittha gym has been absolutely incredible. Besides that we’ve also had a number of memorable experiences including:thailand training camp at khongsittha muay thai

  • Seminars taught by elite Muay Thai champions Saenchai and Petchboonchu.
  • Exciting group nights out to watch fights at the prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.
  • Fight nights where teammates from the camp got to showcase their skills and experience fighting in Thailand.
  • Strength and conditioning sessions taught by the head coach of the Sports Authority of Thailand.
  • Delicious noodles, fried rice, seafood, curries and other Thai food.
  • Nights out experiencing the crazy Bangkok nightlife.
  • And much more more!

Everyone has been having an amazing time at the training camp and it’s been awesome seeing how much everyone’s Muay Thai skills have been improving. Since it’s been so much fun we will definitely be holding more in the very near future!

“This is my fourth trip to Thailand and having already trained in more than 10 camps, I can say that this training camp was by far one of the best I’ve ever been.”

– Anna S.

Interested in joining us for a camp at Khongsittha? We return to KST - January 26 - February 23!

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