Top 5 Reasons To Date A Nak Muay (Muay Thai Fighter)

Why Dating A Nak Muay Is (Or Isn’t) For You

The joy of dating, it’s a pleasure. One the lonely me has yet to experience, well shucks friends…then who am I to provide advice?

Ahoy, let’s not be negative! Allow me a moment to put my Cap of Positivity on, let us instead turn our vision towards the brighter side. See this post as the dating resume (sounds sexy, I know) of a Nak Muay. With all that said, let’s jump into the nitty gritty.

It ain’t as nitty gritty as all that but needs to be addressed, so let’s get the obv (pronounced: ob-V) out of the way first. Those who train are fit and thus have nicer bodies and more endurance (ahem, yes, probably that kind too). Done.

muay thai dating couple

Okay, nowww let’s take a deep dive into the nitty gritty…

#1. Unpredictability

No, this does not mean that we’re emotional wildcards.

A skill the Nak Muay needs to master is broken rhythm, this sense of unpredictability that leaves the opponent in disarray. We’re grabbing this sumbitch and throwing him into a jungle where we take our nifty panther claws and tear his flesh off him piece by piece. I know that sounds awful… but fellas, I’m talking about a sweet kind of unpredictability here, like your man bringing you some roses out of the blue. A creative unpredictability (put another way…variety), a man bringing you bacon roses.

Bacon roses? Yes, you heard that right. You’re buying it? Alright, case closed. Moving on.

date a fighter#2. Philosophy

If the bacon roses wasn’t enough to reel you in then how about philosophy (very sexy, I know)?

Yes, we’re not all meat heads. We do attempt to be somewhat sophisticated… or at least as sophisticated as we have to be to pound someone’s head in proper, I mean…properly.

Wait, what were we talking about? Ah, yes. Philosophy.

Nak Muays can be philosophical, and often are. Philosophy is a design for living, morals and principles which we abide by. And Nak Muays are creatures of habit (but wait, you just said Nak Muays were unpredictable. Aye, unpredictability can be a habit too), and the general guise for our behavior can be easily gauged.

We may be a mite unpredictable (in a good way) but there are laws of which we abide, lest looking like a moron, which leads me to me third point.

#3. Cool, Calm and Collected

Nak Muays are NOT aggressive. This may shock most folk, but hey, it’s true.

This pent up aggression that most folks have is seldom ever expressed and let out. But, us Nak Muays? It comes out just about everyday and is funneled and melted through the crucible of training that molds out men. Not boys, mind you, men. The more aggression one gets out the cooler they are. There’s no need to pose against others and compare yourself constantly with your peers. We have…

#4. Confidence

Ladies and men alike love confidence, no? You’re damn right!

Confidence though, friends, ain’t gained through time of practice. Confidence is knowing that you’re in control, and that’s a beautiful thing. To be able to walk on this earth and know that your mind is the root of everything, and in that… find control, and in that… find comfort.

Ugh, how beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I made a “that’s nasty” noise in “ugh.” It’s so beautiful it’s nasty… that’s unpredictability in actions folks, or… variety?

#5. Variety

I know…I know, it’s a bit of a cop out using the first point as the last, but I’ve had some new epiphanies since.

We are generalists, variety is the spice of life. Oh it’s a beauty to be multiple things, that’s freedom, friends. To be unconfined and to blitz through this short existence at light speed while smelling all those rose petals, picking those flowers, and putting them into a nice bouquet for a sweet sweet someone. That’s how life, in my unhumble opinion, ought to be lived.

Experiencing the world through different mediums be they physical, emotional, or intellectual. To tread on fresh ground and sink that flag down and proclaim mastery over this new skill, this land you discovered. It’s a beautiful world…don’t stick with one land. Branch out friendos, branch out.

Date a Nak Muay today!


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