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Awesome Muay Thai training videos to use at the gym, learn at home, and share with your training partners!

If you’re like me, you are probably constantly searching for the best Muay Thai training videos to implement into your training routines. The problem isn’t finding Muay Thai technique videos, the problem is finding GOOD Muay Thai technique videos.

That can be difficult since there are SO many Muay Thai videos out there, and most of them are repeats of the same material. Different instructor, same material. It was so unbelievably FRUSTRATING that even the beautiful and vast internet couldn’t provide me with what I wanted.

However, there were a few gems in the marketplace and, at the time, I wanted to buy all these Muay Thai instructional DVD’s, but I was a broke joke, so I wasn’t able to afford the upfront cost. Time passed and I kind of forgot about the Muay Thai training programs because I got so wrapped up with training, life and work.

Fast forward to the present and the instructional DVD market is as big and cluttered as ever, so I decide to start my own course aimed to help you narrow down training to the essentials! It’s your one stop shot for all things Muay Thaithe only Muay Thai course you’ll ever need:

What Is Nak Muay Nation? is a membership platform that is loaded with some of the best Muay Thai training videos you’ll be able to find. When you first sign up you get hundreds of Muay Thai technique videos that range from the super basics (stance, jab etc.) all the way to more advanced techniques (sweeps, clinch, setups etc.)

Like I mentioned before, all the of instructional videos feature top Muay Thai fighters and trainers that know their shit, and special guest instructors as well, so you know you’re getting quality advice to implement into your training routines.

Every month you’ll receive even more Muay Thai technique videos that will benefit any level of fighter from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional, and everyone in between. Not to mention, these technique videos are great for trainers and instructors to dissect and use in their own Muay Thai training programs at their gyms!

Why You Should Sign Up For Nak Muay Nation

Great For Beginner Muay Thai Students 

If you are new to the art of eight limbs, these Muay Thai training videos will provide you with everything you could possibly need to get started on the right foot. One of the first things you should check out is the “Tutorials Beginner,” where we’ll revisit the basics and make sure your foundation is rock solid. You’ll learn:

  • The proper Thai boxing stance and footwork.
  • How to stretch, warm up and shadowbox properly.
  • The fundamentals of the basic strikes like the jab, cross, hook etc.
  • How to use the heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag and others.
  • Basic clinch techniques and fundamentals that every beginner should know.
  • The correct way to hold Thai pads and more!

Improve Your Knowledge As A Muay Thai Trainer or Instructor

If you are a Muay Thai trainer or gym owner who runs classes nearly everyday, chances are your training routines can get pretty mundane.

I had this problem when I was teaching classes so I decided to try and learn more by watching Muay Thai technique videos like the ones from Nak Muay Nation. Learning additional Muay Thai techniques to implement into my Muay Thai classes made them a hundred times more fun, engaging, and informative than running through the same techniques and drills over and over again.

If you need that extra spark for your Muay Thai classes to help keep you and your students engaged, then you will find more than enough Muay Thai training videos to use in your next class. Not only that, but since you get new Muay Thai instructional videos every month, you’ll never run out of new things to do!

Take Your Fight Game To The Next Level

If you’re a fighter like me, you know how important it is to always be learning new techniques and perfecting old ones. As a student of the game, you should always be dissecting training and fight videos to see what type of techniques you should work on during shadowboxing, bag work or sparring.

Nak Muay Nation has a ton of advanced Muay Thai techniques, counters, drills, and combinations that are sure to give you inspiration during your next training session. You’ll learn useful clinch techniques, advanced counters, and tricky sweeps to annoy your training partners next time you spar!

Learn Muay Thai at Home

To be honest doing Muay Thai training at home isn’t the most ideal way to learn Muay Thai. You’ll get much more out of your training and improve quicker if you were to train at a gym, but if you have no other option than to train at home, these Muay Thai training videos will supply you with everything you need to get started with.

If you end up needing to teach yourself Muay Thai at home, the beginner Muay Thai technique videos will be a good start. However, you should consider video taping yourself so you can see where you can tighten up certain techniques and fix bad habits, otherwise you might never pick up on them! You’ll also learn how to use a heavy bag as well as hold pads properly for a partner, which will be useful if you have a friend who would like to train Muay Thai at home with you.

Learn Techniques From Top Muay Thai Fighters and Instructors

I mentioned this earlier but it’s worth mentioning again. You will be watching Muay Thai training videos from some of the best Muay Thai fighters and instructors there are! You can be sure you are getting quality instruction since these guys eat, sleep and breathe Muay Thai. 

You would think the fact that Nak Muay Nation being a giant Muay Thai library would be it’s #1 quality, but no. The #1 quality is that you get DIRECT communication with instructors whose #1 priorities are to help YOU!

The Value Is INSANE

The membership cost for Nak Muay Nation is set at $39 a month. That may seem a bit pricey, which to most it will be.

However, think of it this way...

How much do you pay for private lessons or monthly gym memberships?

Those can easily hit a hundred dollars a month for only a few hours per day, AND you’re in class with dozens of other students. You’ll be spending money and the instructor will be unable to find time to answer your questions because you’re being crowded by so many other students. That’s where Nak Muay Nation is looked to change things, we’re looking to individualize your training, and make it about YOU!

Need a question answered? Throw it up on the forums and one of our own instructors will answer it, if not, a guess instructor will answer it!

Plus there’s COMPLETELY new content added every single month, and from different people and guests instructors as well! That’ll make sure that you’re getting a fresh perspective every month. Sounds much better than having to repeat the same drills, that you’ve already mastered, over and over again doesn’t it?  

Final Thoughts

I’ll be blunt – this shit is loaded with so many techniques, drills, combos and counters, that I guarantee that you will get your moneys worth if you sign up. I wouldn’t even be bringing this up if I didn’t have absolute faith that I could help you and create a course that will advance your training, and Nak Muay Nation will definitely take your game up another level.

If you’re interested in being a part of this badass membership site then click below to sign up and start watching as many of the best Muay Thai training and technique videos as you can handle!

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