Muay Thai Styles: Muay Khao

The Muay Thai Knee Fighter

Muay Thai is not one style.

The art of Muay Thai extends to Muay Boran, and from Muay Boran, it extends out even further.

Muay Thai is as mixed as any martial art can be. However, like how boxing has the counter-puncher, brawler, boxer-puncher, etc., Muay Thai has many fighting styles of its own as well.

Today, the focus is on the masters of the clinch, the Muay Khao. Muay Khaos are the smothering fighters. They are terrors to fight and will not give you a single second to rest. You may think of them as the terminator mixed with an octopus. They never stop moving forward. They seek to smother, and when they do grab you, you’ll end up twisted and ragdolled.

In short, it’s not fun. However, the Muay Khaos do have weaknesses that may be exploited. To find these weaknesses, check out the Evolve MMA video below:

As you’ve learned in the video above, distance is a key to defeating the Muay Khao. You may use the jab to create distance. However, why not use a longer weapon so that you may create even more distance and be even safer? We shall, therefore, utilize the jab of the lower body.

But, of course, pushing someone away from you is only a temporary fix. They will continue to come forward. What then? Well, then we fake them and smash them.

3 Fake Teep Techniques for Muay Thai

Maybe you are a Muay Khao and want to learn how to maximize your strengths and sweep your weaknesses under the rug. That may be done. Today, we will learn from the god of the clinch, the Sky Piercing Knee himself, Dieselnoi.

And, furthermore, we shall look through the deconstructive eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

The Greatest Knee Fighter in Muay Thai: Tribute to Dieselnoi

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