Intense 7-Minute Ab Workout For Fighters


By Evan Lee

I enjoy multi-purposed tools, especially in fighting. These 'swiss army knife techniques' tend to find themselves fitting into cracks that are too tight for other tools.

It ought not come as a surprise then that I find enjoyment in developing core muscles. Developed proper, they look nice, aid in movement, act as a great natural body armor, and, thus, all our bases are covered.  Actually...not quite.

Picking one trait to develop is easy, for instance: getting a 6-pack. Diet properly and the fat will melt like polar ice caps and the 6-packs will rise to sea level. But what good are looks if they do not function? We're going to try to piece this puzzle together and have you reap all the good fruits it has to bear.

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A strong core isn't just about a strong core, it's about the entire body (we're talking stuff like harder shins, bigger forearms and tighter abs). Every limb shall have a role to play that either puts more pressure on your core, or releases the pressure. If you want to be immovable in your stances, then let us take a peek at Dieselnoi.

The man does indeed expose himself, yet he remains in control. How is that? Technique. No doubt the technique has made him a strong individual, but let's not discount that his strength also contributes to his technique. Watch this tribute from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns, and see if you can pick out how he utilizes his core to create a vice:

Tribute to Dieselnoi: The Greatest Knee Specialist

Muay Thai and MMA fighters have some of the strongest abs in the world. Their 6-pack abs are as ripped and sculpted as it gets... but more importantly, they are FUNCTIONAL and durable too.

If you build a strong core you'll have more explosive KO power in all your strikes AND you'll be more resilient when it comes to taking knees and kicks to the body.

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